Ways To Trim Down Your Tradeshow Budget!

While everyone wishes to buy a custom or modular tradeshow booth which meets all the business requirements. At times, marketers have an urge of not being worried about the budget, which can be seen as unrealistic. Whether you’re a small business owner, that’s experiencing sales dip in revenue, or a CEO that’s looking for the live marketing, the reality of a stringent budget usage is something we all must adapt for better operation.

Few tips that help you to trim your tradeshow budget:

  1. Ensuring the budget is realistic
    • Check the previous year budgets. If the complete budget is not shown, you can check for other departments or divisions.
    • Look for reference tradeshow publications.
    • Remember that all the available services are as per the price paid.
    • Bear in mind the complete costing. So, buying things online and blending those together help to manage everything.


  1. Go smaller
    • A smaller tradeshow means a smaller space rental charging.
    • If you decide to scale first go smaller, it emphasizes on the reduced shipping and effective exhibit charging.
    • Having superior pre-show promotions, graphics and dedicated staffing is what makes your tradeshow booth stands apart.
    • Bringing give always help in creating a better impact in the tradeshow.


  1. Reuse
    • Whether you choose to rent or reuse last year’s assets, minimizing the new purchases will save you money. You can still talk with your exhibit company as how to keep your trade show booth looking fresh with a few latest graphics.
    • Be focused about creating an updated promotions as well as the digital content for the tradeshow exhibit.
    • Instead of buying new staff apparel just for the show, see if your staffers have something which can be used from the closet itself.
    • As long as it is professional and forbids the visitors for recognizing them, it’s always advisable to use the reused materials.


  1. Keeping it simple
    • Really focus on the giveaways and sponsorships.
    • Instead of getting brochures and phone chargers you must focus on giving away more relevant gifts to the clients who are attending the tradeshow or event.
    • Try and collect all relevant information about the prospects and email the brochure to everyone who has shown interest in the specific products/ topics.


  1. Learn to share
    • Work with every division of the company (or partners) as per the market conditions and directly check for sharing the booth space and the associated costs while exhibiting.


However, while you consider all the cost saving measures, please ensure that you are not focusing on the cost cutting. For achieving all your tradeshow objectives in long-term, it’s imperative to make sense in spending on those things that get best results and consequently offer a higher return on your investment!




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