Women Hair Topper Base Types Explained

Women’s hair toppers are great for adding volume to the hair, conceal bald spots or thinning hair, and give plenty of coverage at the top. With that said, there are different types of  human hair toppers, mainly differentiated by their base types. This article will guide you through the different hair topper base types. If you prefer to watch, you can view the following video instead:

Women’s Hair Topper Base Types Explained

  • Monofilament silk toppers 

Mono hair toppers are produced with monofilament mesh, a mesh material that allows air to pass through. Mono silk toppers are very durable and long lasting, and to get the most of them, it’s preferable to choose the ones with clip ons. The monofilament base can also give you a natural look because it is flexible for styling.


  • Natural and realistic look. It looks like natural hair growth and this feature contributes to its easy styling.
  • It is soft and comfortable to wear. It prevents friction and protects your scalp.


  • The second layer of the topper makes it less breathable; the weave of the material is tighter 
  • Due to the multiple layers, the silk base hair toppers may not lay flat on the head 
  • Silk bases may not be comfortable to wear during summer.
  • Lace Toppers 

Lace hair toppers are perfect hair toppers for women who want a hairline that mimics theirs as far as being natural looking. The lace base uses lace material with the hair tied to the base. It is lightweight and breathable, but most of all, very realistic.


  • Hair toppers with lace front mimic the natural hairline 
  • It is great for hot days, it is breathable due to the well-spaced lace material 


  • The knots are visible. The hair is tied to the lace which creates a visible knot around the parting line 
  • Skin hair topper 

Poly skin toppers are hair toppers for women who need a more permanent attachment. It requires some shaving and tape or liquid adhesive for attachment. It is similar to the silk base, with the hair being implanted into an artificial plastic scalp base. It is like a second layer of skin with the hair. 


  • This is a perfect hair topper for women that long periods of wear
  • It gives a complete realistic appearance because of the knotless feature


  • Like the silk toppers, the skin base topper is not breathable due to its construction
  • Integration toppers 

These consist of a topper and a weft hair extension that can easily be attached to the natural hair. Once the topper is secure, the weft hair extension will be sewn around the base of the topper. This allows you to style your hair as desired and get a natural look as the main benefit is you can pull your own hair through to blend with the integration topper. Integration toppers provide a semi-permanent solution for hair loss problems and can last for a longer period of time if it is maintained properly.


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