Will You Service My HVAC Unit If It Is Old?

If your HVAC unit is really old, you may be wondering whether it can still be serviced. This may sound like a good idea at first, but the truth is that repairing an older model can be expensive. Sometimes, it’s just easier to replace it altogether. Here are some signs that your HVAC unit may need to be serviced. Keep reading to find out more!

Heating and cooling

If your heating and cooling unit are really old, you might want to consider getting it serviced. In most cases, NexGen HVAC Hendersonville systems can last for 15 to 25 years. This number will vary depending on the amount of maintenance you perform on it. Performing preventative maintenance regularly is critical to the longevity of your system. If your system is very old and has accumulated large repair bills, it might be time to upgrade.

One way to decide whether to get your HVAC serviced is to compare the costs of different heating and cooling systems. Check the consumer-rated reliability and cost of each option. A good HVAC service company will also offer a warranty on the work. This is a valuable piece of information to help you make a wise decision. Also, if your system is too old and needs replacement, you should consider having it replaced.

Cost of Maintenance

Routine maintenance is important to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit. If you do not maintain it, you will find yourself spending more money on repairs and maintenance. Routine maintenance will also help you identify any malfunctioning parts in your HVAC system. The sooner you can address such issues, the better, because if your system has malfunctioned, it can affect the rest of the system, resulting in higher repair bills and longer downtime. Routine maintenance is an inexpensive way to extend the life of your HVAC unit, as repairs can add up.

If you’re a homeowner, the cost of HVAC maintenance varies depending on the size of your unit. Smaller units require less maintenance than larger ones. If you’re paying a contractor on a per-hour basis, you’ll need to determine the cost of the annual service visit and estimate the amount of money you’ll need to pay for parts and labor. HVAC companies often offer extended warranties to their customers, but you should check the terms carefully.

Cost of replacing an air conditioner

When it comes to NexGen HVAC replacement costs, the bigger the unit, the higher the cost of the compressor and the parts. However, if the old unit is not functioning well, you might want to consider purchasing a new one, which is cheaper. A general rule of thumb is that if your AC unit is more than 15 years old, you should replace it. Buying a new air conditioner will also save you money in the long run because new models are more energy efficient.

Prices for an air conditioner replacement can range from $4350 to $12,095, including labor and permits. These ranges vary depending on the model you buy and the tonnage of your old system. This article offers more precise estimates for entry-level, midrange, and high-end air conditioners. While this guide outlines a range for the average air conditioner replacement cost, it should help you determine a budget for the project.

Symptoms of a problem with your air conditioner

An air conditioning unit can reach its life expectancy only if it receives routine maintenance. Even then, air conditioners can eventually break down and need to be replaced. However, there are some warning signs to watch for that could mean that it is time to replace the air NexGen HVAC Inc. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should seek professional help and consider replacing the air conditioner.


The leaking air conditioner is a major problem as it can cause water damage. Some of the causes of a leaky air conditioner include a clogged condensate drain line, rusted condensate pump, or broken drain pan. If you suspect your air conditioner is leaking, you can try a wet/dry vacuum to unclog it. Nonetheless, it is advisable to have a professional inspect your air conditioner and replace any broken or damaged parts.


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