Why Are Pokies Called Pokies and Not Slots?

Did you know that the word “pokies” originated in Australia and New Zealand? While it has many definitions, it’s only those two countries that actually call slot machines “pokies”. While most people in the world will pronounce pokies as a table game, tourists in other countries may pronounce them differently. It helps to understand the local slang before visiting a new country.


Origin of the term ‘poker machine’

The term ‘poker machine’ comes from the game of poker, which originated in America. Sittman and Pitt invented the first slot poker machine in the United States, which included five reels and ten different card faces. Players would place nickels in the machine and be awarded prizes for winning hands. Because there were no side levers, the machines were often called ‘fruities’ or ‘one-armed bandits’.


Origin of the term’slot machine’

The term’slot machine’ originally referred to any automated vending machine, but its use evolved over time to include gambling devices. These machines were first used in the early 20th century as novelty items. British people often referred to them as ‘fruit machines’ or ‘one-armed bandits’ and continue to refer to them as such. Today, online casinos offer video versions of popular machines.

The term’slot’ is a late 14c. Word that refers to a hollow on the throat just above the breastbone. It comes from Old French esclot, which is of uncertain origin, and from Old Norse slot. The term first appeared in English as a slang term for a slot machine in the early 1880s. It has various other meanings, but’slot machine’ has remained popular since its inception.


Origin of the term ‘pokie’

The word pokie derives from the Australian and New Zealand abbreviation for poker machines. While the Australian word pokie is not a proper translation, it is close enough for people to call these machines by that name. While the word poker machine is derived from the word poker,pokies are similar to a slot machine. While the abbreviation does not have any meaning beyond making the word more recognizable to people, it has become a popular way to refer to the machines.

In Australia, pokies are commonly used for slots and video poker games. While pokies are generally associated with Australia, they are commonly played throughout the world. Interestingly, although the cards are the same across different cultures, the term ‘pokie’ has many names in different countries. In Scotland, pokies are called fruit machines, while the term ‘puggy’ is used in the British Isles. However, you can visit WooCasino Australia to start playing.


Origin of the word ‘pokie’

The word ‘pokie’ has multiple meanings in the English language. It is a slang term in Australia and New Zealand. Besides sharing similar flags and language, New Zealanders are also very fond of playing video poker games. In fact, they can also play real money pokies online. So, where did the term ‘pokie’ originate? And why is it so popular in the Oceania region?


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