What you Need To Know About ReadiVet Dallas 

ReadiVet Dallas is a Mobile Vet service that uses cutting-edge technology to diagnose illnesses and treat animals. The company employs 24 people, including six veterinarians. It plans to hire two additional veterinarians in the coming year. This service is convenient and offers quality care. ReadiVet Dallas will visit your home or place of business.

ReadiVet is a mobile veterinary service

If you’re in need of emergency veterinary care for your dog or cat, you can turn to ReadiVet in Dallas. They offer a complete range of services, including vaccinations, sick care, and more. The service can accommodate felines and canines, and their veterinarians are fully licensed.

ReadiVet started out with a single veterinarian, but today it has grown to employ more than a dozen professionals. It offers mobile and At Home Vet care for pets, and they will pick your pet up and transport it to their clinic. The service is also available for boarding.

Currently, ReadiVet has two clinics in the Dallas metroplex, and they plan to open four more clinics in the next 12 months. It is looking for veterinarians who are passionate about providing an exceptional experience for their customers. To facilitate this, ReadiVet uses text messaging, private comments, and other tools to enhance the customer experience. This technology helps vets send detailed information to their clients while they’re out on a home visit.

It provides veterinary care at the workplace

The startup ReadiVet Dallas is changing the way that people care for their pets. The Dallas-based company offers in-home veterinary care for pets and has expanded rapidly in the past year. The company was founded by Landon Lawson, a former chief development officer at Resolute Health, a division of Vanguard Health Systems. The company has received funding from Jemison Capital and Martin Ventures and plans to expand to other cities. It hopes to have 25 veterinarians in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex within two years.

While ReadiVet has only two locations in Dallas, it has already hired two more veterinarians to keep up with demand. The company offers both in-clinic and out-of-pocket care, and clients can schedule appointments online or by phone, even after business hours.

It offers quality care

ReadiVet Dallas is a new startup that offers quality veterinary care to pet owners without the need to visit a traditional veterinary clinic. The company currently has two Dallas locations and is planning to expand. This innovative company is hiring veterinarians and is upgrading its proprietary tech suite to provide the best possible care to pets.

The ReadiVet Dallas team currently has six veterinarians and 24 employees. They plan to add two more veterinarians to their team over the next year. By the end of the next two years, Lawson and his team hope to have 25 vets working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This team empowers veterinarians while retaining their clinical autonomy. This approach has won the praise of many prominent veterinary specialists and veterinarians.

It is convenient

ReadiVet Dallas veterinarians offer convenient mobile service. The company has two locations in the DFW metroplex and is staffed by six veterinarians. Its services are ideal for busy pet owners who don’t have time to travel to a veterinary clinic. Services include diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, including geriatric care.

In addition to offering mobile veterinary services, ReadiVet veterinarians will visit pet owners in their homes. This is designed to reduce the stress of veterinary visits and create a more comfortable environment for pets. The Dallas-based company operates two clinics and has plans to open four more in the coming year. While ReadiVet does not provide emergency care, the service can provide consultations, boarding, and transportation.

ReadiVet Dallas focuses on North Dallas and the surrounding suburbs. These areas include Uptown, Park Cities, and the Medical District. If you live outside the area, you can schedule a home visit by calling the office ahead of time.

It is affordable

ReadiVet Dallas offers affordable veterinary care to pets in the Dallas metro area. With a convenient location near the Design District, pet owners can schedule appointments in the comfort of their own homes. The company also offers mobile veterinary services to those who can’t bring their pets to a clinic. The company employs veterinarians who are experienced in a range of medical conditions.


ReadiVet Dallas has six veterinarians and 24 employees. The company plans to hire two more veterinarians soon, and they hope to have a team of 25 veterinarians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area within two years.


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