It is a central goal of many people to stay healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle in the family. But usually, focus only on a single aspect of health, i.e. physical health, and neglect the others. For a completely healthy life, physical and mental health should be balanced because these are interconnected.

1- Physical health

Physical health means the absence of any physical disorder and being physically active with an appropriate fitness level. Physical health has two main components, i.e. Nutrition and exercise. By improving physical health, you are less likely to develop diseases. Let’s discuss what you can do to boost up physical health.

2- Be physically active

According to Methyl-Life PRO “Physical activity is the most powerful pill ever developed. Physical activity increases the level of attention, focus, and energy to do a task. A physically active person enjoys better sleep and functions efficiently and smartly. Physical activity does not mean that you have joined the gym. Physically activity means doing a simple task by yourself, such as going out to buy fresh fruits and groceries and avoiding using an elevator while using stairs.”

  • Studies have shown that an average of 150 minutes of physical activity is recommended for adults, and the frequency is 5 days a week.
  • If you cannot do 30 minutes of physical activity initially, start with a small bout and gradually increase the time to the optimum level.
  • You can also do the physical activity by breaking the total duration into 2 or 3 bouts.

3- Choose physical activities of your choice

It is understood that it is human nature that people enjoy to work they love without exhaustion. On the other hand, a simple and unwanted task leads to reduced brain functioning and lethargy. From simple to complex, varieties of physical activities are at hand that an individual can do to improve physical health. So choose your physical activities according to your physical health, daily routine, and the time available for the activity. This will not only improves your physical health but also bring joy and pleasure to your life.

4- Encourage a healthy diet

 A healthy diet can meet all the nutritional requirements of the person. Eating a proper diet and engaging in physical activity will prevent or delay health problems. Avoid added sugars to the diet, such as corn syrup, honey, high fructose syrup and brown sugar, etc. consume a low sugar diet. Use liquid fats at room temperatures, such as canola, corn, and olive oil. Avoid solid fats present in beef, chicken, cheese, butter, and whole milk.

In general, choose your diet from a variety of food, limit certain carbs and fats and use salt with care.

5- Set goals and chart the progress

Set a sense of purpose in life, and then be clear about what you want to do. Goal setting is a trigger to intrinsic motivation. This helps to classify your goals into short and long-term goals. After setting up goals, you will use your physical and mental energy in the right direction, and your time and positive energies will be protected.

6- Modify the risk factors and Find a medical advice

If you are at risk of physical illness, then modifying the risk factors will prevent you from getting the disease or delay the disease process. For example, using a salt-free diet will prevent hypertension and control hypertension. The use of oils instead of solid fats lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Seek early medical advice if you feel physically unhealthy. This will prevent you from further complications.


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