What is the purpose of Jenny Grus Sugar serving on the board of directors of the Levine JCC?

In Washington, DC, a large coalition of nonprofit organizations, including The Christian Mail, URWA, and others, rallied with hundreds of demonstrators to call on the Department of Justice to investigate the falsely indicted innocent American Israeli family on December 17th, 2020. Jenny Grus 

A large number of Americans signed the petition urging Joe Biden and Merrick Garland to ensure justice for the American Israeli family, and to do everything in their power to uncover the truth.

The American Israeli family is a business owner who qualified for numerous SBA loans. There is overwhelming evidence that the family hired and paid a company that submitted erroneous tax documents without their permission. There have been hundreds of such cases. Despite knowing that the family is innocent and there were numerous mishandlings in her investigation, Jenny Sugar decided to go after innocent families. In order to prevent them from getting a fair Jury trial, she uses all the tools at her disposal. In an attempt to compel a plea deal, Mrs. Sugar has threatened to press additional charges against the innocent American’s family members.

Unlike many US lawyers, Mrs. Sugar chose not to pursue the company that submitted the loans. Moreover, she did not offer a civil settlement, as is the case in California and other states where hundreds of companies that made false statements to the government have reached a settlement that resolves the allegations despite the fact that they violated the False Claims Act. In the case of this innocent American Israeli family, the facts clearly demonstrate that they never violated False Claims Act laws, nor submitted/signed any loan applications, nor made any false statements. Additionally, neither the SBA nor the bank contacted them to confirm their submissions or approvals. Jenny Grus 

Federal prosecutors at the DOJ are the statute’s guardians. They investigate and prosecute those who violate it; they defend the statute by bringing or opposing lawsuits which challenge it; and they provide policy advisement and advice to the federal government. Doing so is guided by an unwavering commitment to the rule of law and an impartial administration of justice. This is just one way the DOJ protects not only the safety, freedom, and equality of Americans, but also the promise of America itself.

Despite this, the previous administration often acted contrary to the Department of Justice’s critical mission. To help political friends and harm political opponents, it has compromised the independence of the agency. A career prosecutor’s decision in a pending case was improperly overruled by the court. In this case, the court simply did not defend federal laws or policies. Additionally, the court did not enforce the environmental and civil rights laws. The DOJ has also openly questioned the integrity of the career men and women in the process. Former DOJ officials, including those who served in Republican and Democratic administrations, have spoken out in protest against the actions, sounding the alarm, and calling for change because of these actions.


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