Turkey Visa for Cypriot Citizens


Greek Cypriots voyagers ought to have a visa upon section into Turkey. Its residents conveying a common identification and official identification are qualified for Turkish E-Visa. They can continue with the web-based application by visiting the Apply Turkey e Visa from Cyprus and get the necessary travel approval before appearance in Turkey. Explorers from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus needn’t bother with a visa for section.

Turkey e Visa for Greek Cypriot Citizens

The division of regions in Cyprus is the aftereffect of the Turkish attack in 1974. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration get isolated by an UN Buffer Zone. For every sovereign base, Turkey has an alternate visa convention.

There are under thirty nations qualified to apply for various passage visas, yet Turkey sets various arrangements for certain identities. For Greek Cypriots, the framework will give a solitary section license in the span of 30 days length. They can acquire the movement record before the date of their outing. Cyprus is additionally one of only a handful of exceptional nations qualified for an on-appearance visa. Greek Cypriots have 180 days to involve the movement report for their outing to Turkey.

 Cypriots’ Qualifications For Turkish E-Visa

Turkey Visa for Cypriot Citizens Recording out the Turkey e-Visa online application is a simple undertaking. At present, there are 95 identities qualified for Turkish e Visa. For Greek Cypriots, they don’t have to go through a progression of arrangements to counsel. The Turkey E-Visa process rejects the requirement for eye to eye interviews. Presenting a heap of reports to the Consulate or international safe havens is at this point excessive. Qualified voyagers from Cyprus need to top off the structure accessible on Turkey’s business site.

What is the Turkey visa?

The Turkey eVisa is an electronic travel approval that awards a section to residents from more than 100 ethnicities. It is otherwise called the Turkey e-visa, electronic visa, or Turkish eVisa on other web destinations since it is electronically connected to the candidate’s identification, rather than an actual stamp or sticker.

The Turkish visa is legitimate for as long as 180 days after appearance. Guests will actually want to involve it for short business or relaxation trips that don’t surpass 90 days in Total span. Be that as it may, international concerns authorities maintain whatever authority is needed to change how much time every guest is permitted to remain. This will rely upon ethnicity and any extra prerequisites chose by the Turkish government.

Get this compulsory travel approval with the very direct iVisa.com visa application process. The entire cycle is done completely on the web and in under 15 minutes, without visiting a consulate or visa application focus close to you.


If you have any desire to apply for a Turkish Visa on line, first check in the event that you are qualified with our helpful visa checker device. There are likewise numerous residents from different nations that are excluded from being required to apply for a visa for Turkey. All you really want to do is where you are from and where you need to head out to (for this situation, Turkey). Then, at that point, click the ‘Begin’ button to track down the specific Turkish visa that concerns you.


Common identification holders are expected to have visas to enter Türkiye. They can acquire three-month-various passage e-Visas through the site www.evisa.gov.tr and remain in Türkiye for as long as 90 days in no less than a half year beginning from the principal section date. Standard Processing: With this choice, you will get your Turkey e visa in 24 hours. It will cost USD 81.50. Rush Processing: Select this choice assuming you are in a bit of a hurry to get your e-visa to enter Turkey in 4 hours. It costs USD 103.50.


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