Tips for using a domain name search service to buy older domains

So you’re in the market to find a domain name so you can make your first million (or two) on the internet.

Before you rush to register a new domain, I recommend that you consider purchasing an existing adult domain.

An adult/expired domain is a domain that has been previously registered by someone else and that person or company has decided not to renew.

Sometimes the reason is simply that they forget. There was a famous story a few years ago when Bill Gate, a very valuable domain owned by Microsoft, forgot when to renew registration which means it is completely usable.

This guy did exactly that with this domain, but luckily this guy got it right with Microsoft and gave it back to them (I think Microsoft paid him a small fee to cover the registration).

Other reasons for not renewing a domain may be that the domain owner has abandoned the Internet game, or they may have transferred the business operating on the domain to someone else. In fact, there are many reasons why domain find names should not be renewed.

So what are the benefits of re-registering an expired domain name?

Links – Most domains, especially those that have been actively used in the past and not just dormant, have other websites linking to them from time to time and these links close an important part in determining a website’s ranking in Google and other searches. Tool for keyword phrases.

Page Rank – Because of these links, many expired domains will have existing page ratings.

Age – As a general rule, search engines give more ranking power to persistently registered domains than others.

Website Visitors – Traffic will be established across multiple domains, visitors will come to that domain frequently, usually as a result of previous campaigns carried out by previous website owners.

No Sandbox – New domains are placed in a “sandbox” for a while where they won’t rank as old domains until they have proven themselves in the search engines.

These are actually the most interesting things to consider when re-registering an expired domain versus registering a new one.

There is an important distinction that I recommend you identify between an expired or older domain and a deleted domain.

The age of an older or expired domain name is preserved. For example, if I registered a domain three years ago and then do not renew the registration and you come to register again, the valid domain will still be 3 years old and all benefits of that age in the company. search engine.

However, if you re-register a deleted domain, you’ve registered a whole new domain for all sorts of intimate purposes. You’ll still be able to use any links, page rank, and traffic, but your domain name may end up in the sandbox and will be seen by search engines as a brand new domain name.

So it’s important to make sure you get the domain before you remove the domain registration. There are several sites with free search capabilities that you can use to identify older or expired domains.

Just do a Google search for terms like Adult Nane Finder or something like that

These sites typically allow you to search for a domain name and return information about domain age, existing page rank, link count, traffic, and even allow you to use a web-returner ( catalog all web pages at different points in time) over time. Is to see it.

Some of the more complete services will offer a keyword search function which is a very powerful feature.

You may find domain names rank better in search engines if they contain keywords related to the specific niche you want to enter.

For example, if you sell products for cats, having the word cat or cat in your domain name will help you rank better than domains without the word (all other things being equal).

Essential tips for buying older domains

Try and get a domain that is at least 5 years old (the older the better, this is the lowest domain).

Aim for as many links as possible (although this is not necessary).

A domain with a current page rank is not essential but it would be a bonus if you can find it.

Existing web traffic is not needed again but is a big bonus.

Make sure the domain contains keywords related to the niche you will be using the domain for.

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