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If you’ve never heard of ReadiVet Atlanta, you might be wondering what they do and how they can help you. This mobile veterinary service offers annual wellness checks, blood work, vaccinations, and other services for your pet. This company has recently raised $2.5 million in Series A funding, and the startup plans to expand to four more locations by the end of the year. It will also be adding more veterinarians and building a proprietary tech suite.

ReadiVet is a mobile veterinary service

ReadiVet Atlanta, a Mobile Vet Atlanta service, has recently raised $2.5 million in a Series A round. The funding is going toward expanding the company’s veterinary network and adding more services. Additionally, the company will invest in its proprietary technology platform.

The company started with one veterinarian but has since added two more to meet the demand. The company’s services include in-clinic care and home visits. Pet owners can request an appointment for their pet at the office and a ReadiVet vet will pick it up and take it to the pet owner’s home. The veterinarians on staff will also be available to consult with the pet owner.

It provides annual wellness checkups, physical exams, vaccinations, and bloodwork

Regular wellness checkups for your pets are crucial to prevent the development of serious health problems. Unlike humans, pets age faster and health conditions can change much more quickly. Your puppy or kitten should have an examination at least once a year. Adult dogs and cats should be examined twice a year, and senior pets may need more frequent visits. So ReadiVet has In-Home Vet Atlanta service for this.

A wellness exam will also include parasite testing, urinalysis, and blood tests. Depending on the age and breed of your dog, the veterinarian may recommend supplements or medications to treat specific health problems. He or she will also check your pet’s teeth and hear his or her heart and lungs. Your veterinarian may also use an otoscope to examine your pet’s ears. He or she will also ask questions about your dog’s diet, water intake, and urination and bowel movements.

It has a full-service clinic

ReadiVet Dallas offers in-home veterinary care that includes vaccines and sick care. They offer canine and feline services and employ veterinarians who are licensed and certified. The facility offers 24-hour care and is open seven days a week. ReadiVet Dallas is a great choice for pet owners in the DFW area.

ReadiVet has six veterinarians, 24 employees, and plans to expand to other markets. Two more veterinarians will join the team soon. The founder says that by two years, he plans to expand the company to 25 veterinarians.

It employs 24 people

ReadiVet Atlanta has grown rapidly in three years. The company currently employs 24 people and six veterinarians, with plans to hire more veterinarians in the coming years. The company offers a mobile clinic with pick-up and drop-off services for pets. The company recently launched its second location and plans to open four more before year’s end. It recently raised $2.5 million in Series A funding to expand its services, hire more veterinarians and develop proprietary technology.

The investment comes at a time when pet ownership is at an all-time high. ReadiVet plans to use the money to expand its network, hire more veterinarians, add new locations, and expand its proprietary tech suite. The company also plans to provide affordable veterinary care to consumers, without compromising quality.

It has two locations in Dallas

Dallas-based ReadiVet offers a full range of veterinary services in the comfort of your home. Services range from vaccinations to sick care. Canine and feline patients alike can be treated by experienced licensed veterinarians. ReadiVet Dallas is a great option for those who do not have time to bring their pet to the veterinarian.

ReadiVet is located in Dallas, Texas, and serves many neighborhoods. This includes Uptown, the Medical District, the Park Cities, and the surrounding suburbs. Because of its convenient location and easy availability, ReadiVet is a great option for pet owners.


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