The Importance of Tracking Shared Documents

Sharing files is an act of trust. Unsecured documents can expose your business to a number of risks, even years after the transaction has been completed. There are several safeguards you can take to keep your files safe, including tracking when they are opened, downloaded, or shared. Let’s take a look at how these tools can help you keep your files secure. Using one of these programs can ensure secure file transfer and accessibility to your team.


Benefits of Tracking Shared Documents

Using a document change log tool to track the changes made to your shared file can be incredibly useful for security. When it comes to data breaches, it’s important to know who made which changes and when. With document tracking software, you can easily see who has made what changes to your files. Having a clear record of who’s done what is invaluable during a data breach investigation. The ability to see who’s changed your files is an excellent way to keep your company compliant and protect yourself from insider threats.


Tools choice

Regardless of the file management tool you choose, it’s crucial to keep track of changes to shared files and folders. Not only will this help ensure data security, it will also help you meet compliance mandates. In addition to ensuring compliance, tracking changes on file servers will also prevent the introduction of insider threats. In addition to being useful in compliance investigations, document tracking will also prevent insiders from changing files and folders.


Tracking software

Using document tracking software will enable you to track every change made to your shared file. You can track any unwarranted changes and keep an accurate record of them. In addition to securing your data, you’ll also be able to prevent any insider threats by monitoring changes to shared file servers.


Track changes

In addition to tracking your shared files, you should also keep track of changes made by other users. Using a file tracking program will allow you to avoid this problem and make sure that your files are always available to all users. By keeping track of changes, you’ll be able to determine if they’ve been altered or renamed. You can also see who’s changed a file by checking the activity stream of the folder.

Using a file tracking application will keep your files safe. It will help you prevent unauthorized access by storing your files in a secure location. It also keeps track of changes that were made and makes it easy to find the latest copy. This is an excellent option if you want to track who has accessed your documents.


Final words

It is important to track your shared files. These services will enable you to manage who has accessed your files. You should also be able to track who has accessed a specific document. In such a case, you can easily lock it. If you share a document on social networking sites, you should be able to track the time it takes to access it. By tracking your shared files, you’ll be able to protect your data and your team.


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