The Data Science Economy: Empowering a Truly Connected World

It’s impossible to think of a world that is not affected by data science. Everything that we have access to is definitely driven by data science. In the decade 2021-2030, we could be witnessing a 300% growth in the number of professionals getting certified from the leading data science courses in Bangalore to meet growing talent demands.

The rise of AI, Big Data, and Automation are truly unprecedented in the history of technology. Almost every country is competing with the others to put these capabilities on their development radar so that they can climb the ladder of economic development quickly. The race to lead in these technological advancements has put a remarkable impact on countries in the Asia Pacific region that are now steadily investing in data science capabilities to meet their local and global talent demands.

Let’s understand the delicate relationship between data science and other emerging technologies and how, together, these hold the key to a sustainable economy in the present era.

Data Science in Finance

Microfinance and Blockchain will rule the fintech world.

Thanks to rapid advancement in the field of automation, document processing, and blockchain, we are witnessing a much progressive involvement of data science in the financial services industry. This is particularly observed in the fields of cryptocurrencies, virtual payments, and digital banking facilities, where a higher percentage of qualified data scientists are lining up to work in Big data intelligence, AI,  Robotic Automation, and Enterprise Content Management, and NLP projects. We are also expecting a large number of data scientists to get hired in the financial services industry to improve security, data governance, customer support, and so on, using AI and Chatbot facilities.

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Data Science in Healthcare

Did you know that genomic data analysis is the world’s most challenging work? Countries like the US, China, Japan, Korea, and Russia are in the race to become the world’s most advanced biotech centers. For now, China is leading the race, and that’s why it managed to stay ahead of the pandemic curve by introducing vaccines to combat the virus. Similarly, countries are hiring biotech experts to work with data scientists in the field of genomic data mapping and much more. From introducing new biomarkers to getting a sense of new-age vaccines, there are all kinds of innovations happening in the healthcare industry, especially in medicine and pharma research.

The medical field is also getting a major amp up from automated patient monitoring systems, EHRs, personalized patient support, and IoT-based healthcare mapping systems. These proved very helpful for senior citizens, handicaps, and economically down-trodden populations who could not cope with the pandemic lockdowns.

Data Science in Infrastructure

IoT, Smart cities, and Wireless networking / Open RAN are transforming the way countries build their internet infrastructure. These directly influence economic growth. We would continue to see the influx of professionals with certification in data science courses in Bangalore who could work in the Data Science in Business Intelligence areas.

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