Reasons why you need to invest in a plate compactor

plate compactor

Plate compactor Kenya has become one of the leading companies that distribute compactors to individuals and companies. They import quality compactors that meet the needs of the end-users. It is best that you not only buy from them because their plates are the best but also know the features in the plate compactors that make them the best company in Kenya. This article will state in detail the features of their plate compactors.

Plate compactors are machines that are used to compress or rather compact gravel or sand in a car parking lot or pavement. It is also used in places where heavy rollers or human power cannot work. It is important to lay the ground well before applying tarmac. The integrity of these surfaces depends on how well you laid the surface and the choices you made in choosing a plate compactor for your work.

Types of plate compactors offered 

When choosing a plate compactor for your work it is best to know which type you need. Although there are not many varieties to choose from. The first one is a single plate compactor that only works in one direction, another type is a reversible compactor that works both forward and backwards thus the word reversible and the last is a heavy compactor that not only is reversible but also works in a sub-base and deeper compaction.

Their Engine capacity

This is the main quality to check is the engine capacity of your plate compactor. In today’s market, there are a lot of varieties of plate compactors that offer different engine capacities that directly affect plate compactor price in Kenya but the plate compactor company in Kenya imports compactors with a good engine that uses low fuel hence saving on cost used. An engine capacity is directly proportional to the work of the compactor.

Compaction force

The plate compactor company in Kenya has always been in the top front because of the type of compactors they import. Users say that the plate compactors have a higher force which means that the compaction work is made easier and faster.

Power rating

The higher the power rating the greater the compaction. This indicates that the effectiveness of a plate compactor is rated by the power rating. The plate compactor company in Kenya has done its best to import and sell directly to the user’s compactors that are of high power rating.


Plate compactor company Kenya has always put the users’ health as its priority. When using the plate compactor they vibrate and this vibration may directly be transferred to the user causing hazardous effects hence the company imports machines that are made well by the manufacturer to avoid these issues.

How the company operates

A good company is which offers the best deals to the users by selling the plate compactors directly to the users and also being directly contacted. The plate compactor company in Kenya has its contacts on all available websites. They explain how to use the plate compactors and the machines also come with an instructor’s manual.

To conclude, it is best to invest in a quality plate compactor to produce quality work and a well-known supplier which has operated in the market for a long time then look for plate compactor in Kenya and as discussed in this article the features of the compactors they supply to the market as the best.

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