ReadiVet – Mobile Veterinarians in the Design District

ReadiVet is a Mobile Vet near Me that offers wellness checkups, vaccinations, blood work, and more to your home and workplace. You can schedule an appointment at any location, and the veterinarians respond by auto-reply. ReadiVet is a regular fixture in the Design District.

ReadiVet is a mobile veterinary service

Whether your pet has a sick animal, or you are unable to take them to the vet, ReadiVet offers mobile veterinary care that is convenient for you. Dallas-based ReadiVet offers sick care and vaccinations for both dogs and cats. The service is operated by a licensed veterinarian.

ReadiVet has two locations in the Dallas area, and its veterinarians provide full-service care for your pets in your own home. The company also utilizes a proprietary tech suite to deliver its customer-centric approach. ReadiVet currently employs six veterinarians and plans to add two more soon. The recent investment will allow ReadiVet to continue to expand its mobile service, hire more veterinarians, and upgrade its technology suite.

Currently, ReadiVet Mobile Vet Nashville has two locations in Dallas and plans to add at least four more within a year. It is currently hiring veterinarians in Dallas and Houston, but hopes to expand to other markets and states in the near future. Its goal is to make veterinary care accessible and convenient for pet owners, and the company has been endorsed by the veterinary industry.

It provides annual wellness checkups, physical exams, vaccinations, and blood work

ReadiVet has five clinics across the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis. The company recently opened a second location, Mobile Vet Dallas, and plans to grow throughout the region. The company recently raised $2.5 million from investors including Jemison Capital and Martin Ventures. The money will be used to expand its services and hire veterinarians.

Annual wellness exams are aimed at detecting diseases early and promoting a long and healthy life for pets. However, recent studies show that pets are not getting as many veterinary visits as they once did, and the number of preventable diseases has increased.

Annual wellness exams are highly recommended by veterinarians to avoid serious health issues. These checkups are also known as “nose to tail” exams, and the veterinarian will conduct a thorough head-to-tail examination. This will allow them to get a holistic picture of your pet’s health and detect any underlying health problems. This will also allow you to ask questions about your pet’s care.

It offers services at work sites

ReadiVet offers a variety of services, including at work sites, such as construction sites. The company also provides mobile care to clients who cannot make it to their clinic. The Dallas-based company is a startup that started with a veterinarian who wanted to give low-cost, quality care to a wider range of clients. Clients can set an appointment online or by phone, and they can even set one after hours.

Although ReadiVet provides full-service primary care during business hours, it also needs to communicate with customers on a 24/7 basis. In order to make this possible, it uses after-hours auto reply to communicate critical information with customers. The company also sets firm boundaries for its team, ensuring that they are not working after hours.

It uses auto-replies to communicate with veterinarians

The ReadiVet mobile app allows veterinarians to communicate with their clients via text message. It sends between 10,000 and 12,000 texts per month, and the company expects that number to grow. The auto-reply feature helps veterinarians stay on top of client requests and share relevant information with their team.

The company currently has two Dallas-based clinics, with plans to open at least four more in the coming year. It is looking for veterinarians in the Dallas area who want to give their clients an exceptional experience. Using text messaging and private comments, ReadiVet enables veterinarians to communicate with clients while on home visits.


The app allows veterinarians to stay in touch with clients even after business hours. Customers can ask questions and send detailed information to their veterinarian via text messages. Text messages can also include pictures of their pet.


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