PWA For E-commerce: Who Has Taken The Step?

We are entering the technological era when everything can be done online, including shopping. E-commerce has witnessed massive growth in recent years and the development did not show any signs of a slowdown. Recently, there is a rising trend of applying PWA for e-commerce websites to upgrade customers’ experience.

Having a website does not guarantee 100% success in gaining a high market share. With the same type of product, customers would probably go with the store with a better shopping experience. 

Hence it requires merchants to constantly find new ways like Progressive Web App adoption to improve the online store quality. PWA is cheaper than native app development but ensuring to bring the same features to engage users.

This post will focus on the online stores that have done PWA integration and how it affected their sales results. 

Let’s dive in!


1/ AliExpress

AliExpress is considered “Chinese Amazon”. It is an international distribution channel of every product type from electronics to household wares. 

The company first introduced the app on iOS and Android but failed to convince users to download the app.

The low number of app users shows that this solution might not be an efficient investment. For the website, the requirement for a high-quality and stable connection may limit the session duration.

AliExpress then looked for an alternative solution and installing the PWA theme is the final answer. 


  • Conversion rate among newcomers doubles and for iOS, the result is 82%
  • Number of pages customers viewed increases by 100%
  • Session duration also rises by nearly 80%

2/ Flipkart

It would be a miss not to mention Flipkart, the largest e-commerce website in India that made the transition to PWA in eCommerce.

It started as a book provider but then expands to different sectors: beauty, electronics,… Now, Indian shoppers can purchase anything from this platform.

In 2015, the company found that they need to improve their website performance to retain old customers and attract new consumers. They made the final decision to choose PWA as the solution.


  • Engagement improved by 40%
  • Conversion rate rose by 70%
  • Time spent on the site x3

3/ 5 Miles

5 Miles is a platform for local buying and selling. It soon became popular as consumers can do online shopping with low shipping cost.

The problem is that the majority of newcomers are mobile users.

The company first launched an app but persuading users to download is no easy task. The large storage space and long loading time turn out to be the barriers when installing an app.

The failure from building the app means that they need to find another solution. It then switched to PWA installation.


  • Bounce rate dropped by 50%
  • 30% increase in duration average session duration. 

4/ Jumia

An e-commerce platform targeted to African consumers. It mainly sells electronics and fashion items.

Africa still faces the problem of Internet connection scarcity. This limitation forces the platform to find ways to allow customers to access the site in low-quality connection.

It then introduced PWA to enable more time on the site and decrease the dependence on connection quality. 


  • Increase 33% in customers’ engagement.
  • Traffic levels up by 12 times
  • Decrease bounce rate by 50%

5/ Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas is based in the US. This is the largest international distribution channel of health supplements and nutritional products.

To expand the market, the company takes advantage of PWA to improve the customers’ experience. It helps improve the loading pace and checkout process.


  • 23% increase in revenues from the installation of PWA
  • Conversion rate increases by 15%
  • 10% increase in the amount spend per order

6/ Konga

Konga is the largest e-commerce company in Nigeria.

The convenience and popularity of smartphones has made the number of mobile users climbing up these years. To bring better mobile online shopping experience, the website has integrated PWA. 


  • 92% less data for initial load compared with native app
  • 84% less data to complete the first transaction, vs. previous mobile web experience

7/ Suumo

The final example for successfully applying PWA for e-commerce is Suumo – the top platform in the real estate industry of Japan.

The total number of users on this platform accounts for 11% of the population.

Customers mainly find the website through Google but the experience on the web is inferior to the app. To bring an app-like experience to the website, PWA is definitely the best solution.


  • 75% decrease in loading time
  • 31% open rate from push notification

[More PWA ecommerce examples]

Are there any examples of successful PWA stores you want to share with us? Leave a comment below so we can discuss!


How To Integrate PWA For E-commerce Stores?

Developing PWA for e-commerce stores has been a new trend. With the success proved by various online stores around the world, there is no doubt that PWA improves the site performance and brings along more customers and orders to the store.

The success of several online shopping platforms is enough to show the power of PWA to transform users’ experience. This is not the time to be afraid but ready to grab the chance and upgrade the online store.

In order to build a powerful PWA for your business, you should start by looking for a reliable PWA development company that specializes in your existing website platform. Then, you can discuss possible integration solutions (e.g.: using PWA extensions or PWA e-commerce templates) and select the most rational one.


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