Players Might Not Be Happy About Elden Ring’s Boss Nerfs

As with many other content games, Elden Ring is updated on a regular basis to address any bugs or flaws that may crop up. For many games, patch notes include cryptic statements such as “further enhancements have been made” or “bugs have been fixed,” but the specifics of these changes are rarely discussed. Several changes were implemented to the game in the most recent patches, 1.03 and 1.04, which weren’t publicized in advance and which players may have overlooked. Nerfs to enemies were incorporated in these versions as a result of these Elden Ring Legendary Gears changes.

The Tarnished Champion returns to the Lands Between in Elden Ring after completing their term of exile, where the action takes place. As the Tarnished Champion seeks to either maintain the Golden Order or usher in a new era for the Lands Between, FromSoftware created a massive environment for the game. FromSoftware worked with Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin on the creation of this realm. Elden Ring, a unique open-world game inspired by George R. R. Martin’s novels and the Soulsborne series, will provide players with an unforgettable open-world adventure.

It’s no surprise that Elden Ring’s developers need to patch the game to fix flaws that users encounter as they play through it. There is a wealth of information contained inside the patch notes on all the changes made as a result of applying that patch. However, it’s common for patches to include modifications that aren’t stated in the release notes. Changes like these are often hidden because they were either too small to notice or they had unintended consequences that the players were not aware of. In a content posted to the YouTube channel illusory wall, Elden Ring patches 1.03 and 1.04 were explained in depth, including the changes made behind the scenes.

As a result of the expansiveness of Elden Ring’s world, players risk encountering and killing a large number of non-playable characters (NPCs). This was the first time that players discovered some branches that allowed them to over the wall of Selia and enter an area behind the town. In patch 1.03, these branches were removed. It’s worth noting that, like the branches, there are still skips that can be used to access Selia. It was possible for the developers to make their work more efficient by constructing an invisible wall that would block all of the distinct skip versions, but they chose not to do so.

As long as the player first passes through the fog gate, then Mohg is unable to attack the player because his AI is not triggered. Players can no longer bypass the tombstone as a result of patch 1.03’s change. In the past, they were able to climb over the barrier and access the room using the device. When it comes to defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood and Elden Ring Runes XBOX players will have to think outside the box.

Dark Souls’ chest texture was removed from most of Elden Ring’s chests because it was originally supposed to be an Easter egg. This suggests that the textures were probably just placeholders that were forgotten about before the game was made publicly available.

Even when patch 1.03 was implemented, there are a few chests that retain their Dark Souls look. There are two possibilities here: either these chests weren’t discovered in time, or they were intended to be hidden like Easter eggs. The majority of chests had it removed, therefore it doesn’t matter.

In Elden Ring’s 1.03 patch, two changes were implemented to help players find Boc, who can be hard to spot at times. To begin with, they placed an Arteria Leaf so that Boc’s range would be closer to the players. They also increased Boc’s hearing range so that he can now shout at the player from a greater distance away. Additionally, the distance Boc can shout out to an opponent arriving from the other direction has been increased.

There is a lot to find and uncover in Elden Ring’s open world, but players may lose their lives due to fall damage while exploring. If a player is within a certain distance of a Spirit Spring, they are granted the power to withstand falls that would normally kill them. There are numerous Spirit Springs dotted around the area. Some Spirit Springs, on the other hand, had a substantially smaller range than others. As a result of Patch 1.03, the Spirit Springs in Caelid now have a bigger influence and behave appropriately.

There was a little window of opportunity for Elden Ring members to avoid being suffocated because the kill box’s reach did not extend to the whole floor of the Impaler’s Catacomb pit. If a player survives the initial fall but then tries to leave the pit, they will be killed since they will run into the kill box. Developers working on the game rectified the issue in patch 1.03 by expanding the kill box’s range so that it could cover the entire depth of the pit. For the first time in the game’s history, players no longer have to worry about losing their runes.

Despite Volcano Manor’s many sinister mysteries, this phantom wall is more fun than scary. It took a lot more strikes to shatter this wall than any other object in the game, making it more difficult to demolish. In other words, it doesn’t look like the coders intended for it to be in a broken state, to begin with. Thanks to Elden Ring version 1.04, the fictitious wall that had 9999 health points is now a real one that cannot be breached. If the devs don’t want people hunting for more obstacles that can be broken, they may not want to disclose this information in the patch notes, even though doing so wouldn’t be difficult.

The trolls that can be seen outside of the Old Altus Tunnel in Elden Ring still wear their cloaks, but they no longer have low health or wear them. With erroneous statistics, the Old Altus Trolls proved to be a formidable opponent. In patch 1.03, the devs corrected this issue, and as a result, the Old Altus Trolls now behave as originally intended.

The change to the Fallingstar Beast differs from the nerfs to the Elden Ring’s quiet bosses, which were met with mixed reactions. To be fair, the Fallingstar Beast that first appeared in the Selia Crystal Tunnel was never intended to behave like the fully-grown counterpart, and so this battle should have been easier than it was. As a result, in patch 1.03, the Fallingstar Beast was reworked to reflect the original design intent, and the encounter no longer has a second phase.


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