Marion Julius She Is A Model Australian Beauty

Marion Julius is a model from Australia she is very attractive and dresses really well she has great taste in clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. She is very elegant and classy she loves water sports and skiing Marion loves to go to the snow and resorts islands. She is also an Influencer and is at Instagram @marionjulius12 The 44-year-old businesswoman likes to go out and wine and dine she enjoys seafood and Italian Marion likes Belgium truffles and enjoys fitness workouts. Marion is also at youtube and various social media platforms she is a social butterfly and enjoys going out to have a good time. Shes likes horse racing and going to casinos Marion loves to go out to the races she is a punter a.k.a. Lady Boss the punter who bets and does have luck. Having been in the workforce for over twenty years she is very experienced and has done many roles working for various industries. She is a quick fast learner and picks up stuff very fast she is well organized and ambitious. The sexy model who enjoys buying sexy lingerie from lingerie boutiques and also sexy swimwear she is not shy and is a confident person.

Marion Julius

Marion Julius is a real nice girl and she is really cool over the years she has helped people and gave them jobs when they had no money. She also spent some time during her stay in her hospital going around to see if some patients were okay. She has been doing some volunteer work over the years also doing fundraisers to help charities. Marion is sweet, kind and a very special girl who is really loving and generous she often shares her winnings with her friends who do work for her. The glamour who can be seen in her local town wearing the hottest trends that are out she will be spotted sitting in the cafes or chilling out by her local beaches. She has become the V.I.P. In all the funky cafes, gyms, etc. at her local town and has a close friendships with many people. Marion is a popular gym junkie who has her own network of awesome individuals the model who inspired many others to follow their goals and make their dreams become reality.

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