Lalo – A New App to Remember Loved Ones Who Passed Away

An app called Lalo is helping people share memories of their deceased loved ones. This digital scrapbook is free to use, and allows you to upload photos to remember loved ones. It is backed by a venture capital fund. This article will go over why the app is gaining popularity. We will also learn how it works and what it offers people. After all, a digital scrapbook is the perfect way to memorialize your loved ones.

Lalo is a digital scrapbook

Lalo is a free digital scrapbook application that allows people to create private online spaces to share memories of deceased family members. Developed by Juan Medina, Lalo is based on his father’s nickname. Medina grew up in Brazil and studied economics and Latin American studies at the University of Delaware. After graduating, he completed an MBA at the University of Chicago’s Boot School of Business. He eventually settled in Seattle, Washington, and began his career in technology, including a stint with, where he led the company’s big retail categories for nearly ten years.

As Juan Medina stood at the grave of his father, his grief seemed greater than ever. In addition to the pandemic, his high-stress job, and the challenges of family life, he couldn’t recall any fond memories of his father. Medina was inspired to create Lalo as a way to capture and share those memories in a new way.

It helps people share memories

The Lalo app is a memorial app that allows people to share stories about the lives of their deceased loved ones. It’s a dynamic, social way to remember those who have passed away. The site is available on Google Play and the App Store. You can share memories of your loved one through the site, or with family and friends. You can even tag other people in your stories so they can be seen by others who cared for them.

Juan Medina, the founder of Lalo, founded the site in honor of his late father, who passed away from Multiple Sclerosis in 2003. Medina realized that he didn’t remember his father well enough to tell his daughter about him. He decided to create Lalo as a way to preserve his family’s stories and traditions in Lalo family stories app. The app’s video chat feature helps people record conversations and share them with others. There are also conversation prompts on the website to help people share memories.

It allows users to upload photos

The app allows users to share and preserve all types of content, including photos, videos, and voice recordings. Its goal is to make all content as rich and diverse as the person memorialized. In addition, the app features a private network for users, with the ability to communicate with friends and family privately. Users can also choose to have only the people they know be invited to their profiles, and can request deletion of their content at any time.

Juan Medina, founder of Lalo, spent eight years working for Amazon before deciding to start the service. He developed the app after losing his father at a young age. He realized that he didn’t remember him well enough to pass on his father’s stories to his daughter. This prompted him to launch Lalo to capture and preserve these memories for future generations. Lalo is a popular choice among pet owners and multi-generational families.

It’s backed by a venture capital fund

Developed by former Amazon employees, Lalo is a private ad-free space where you can remember your deceased loved ones. The app provides a variety of ways to share memories and stories about your loved one, including video chat and conversations starters. It is a great way to preserve family traditions and share stories with loved ones who passed on. Besides creating and sharing photos and videos, Lalo also allows you to share voice messages with your loved one.

A Latinx immigrant from South America, Juan Medina, developed the app in memory of his late father. His father, who died of Multiple Sclerosis, had passed away in 2003. Medina realized that he needed to capture and preserve the family’s stories, traditions, and memories. With Lalo, people can create virtual scrapbooks of their loved ones. The app offers free video chats with friends and family members, and users can share pictures and memories. Lalo has also started charging a one-time $25 fee for ad-free, private interfaces.

It’s available on Android and iOS

The Lalo application is a new app that helps people remember those who have passed away. The app has just recently been released out of closed beta and is now available on the App Store and Google Play. It was created by Amazon employee Juan Medina, who recently left the company after eight years as a senior manager. It allows users to create their own unique journey of remembrance based on the memories of the departed. It is designed to be simple and easy to use. It allows you to share your journey with those you choose. The application is not intrusive or commercial.

The app has a number of features that allow you to share your photos and memories of your deceased loved ones. It allows you to create free memorial pages, purchase funeral supplies, and even fund a funeral, as long as you have an Apple ID. It is also possible to give donations to charity. It has been downloaded over ten million times, and many users are impressed by the service it offers.


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