Is a visa on Arrival available in India?


The visa appearance is important for the e-Visa India program. Each voyager that shows up in India with a substantial India e-Visa will likewise get a visa on appearance as a sticker. The sticker is put on a page in the visa while going through movement control.

What is the visa on Arrival?

The Indian Visa On Arrival is important for the e-Visa India program. Each voyager that shows up in India with a legitimate India e-Visa will likewise get a visa on appearance as a sticker. The sticker is put on a page in the identification while going through migration control. To get the visa on appearance for the India sticker, the voyager should show their printed duplicate of their e-Visa for India alongside the identification. Be careful that there are three principal classes of e-Visa for India: the e-Tourist visa, e-Business visa, and the e-Medical visa.

It is critical to realize that unfamiliar residents can’t get their visa on an appearance sticker except if they have previously applied for the India e-Visa. All holders of the Indian electronic visa should print a duplicate of their supported visa, which is sent straightforwardly to their email address.

Nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that residents of Japan and South Korea can show up for a visa on appearance (VOA) while entering India through Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, or Mumbai. Japanese and South Koreans can likewise apply online for their e-Visa, as it very well may be utilized at 28 air terminals and 5 seaports.

Step-by-step instructions to present the Indian visa application

Assuming that you are a qualified resident the method involved with getting an Indian visa will be genuinely basic and fast – it just requires around 10 minutes to finish. To present the Indian Visa Application Process you should finish an internet-based structure that will expect you to give the accompanying:

  1. Reports and data required
  2. Visa type and citizenship/ethnicity
  3. Visa subtleties: number, a spot of issue, date of issue, and termination date
  4. Port of Arrival and anticipated date of appearance
  5. Date of Birth as it shows up on your visa
  6. Country of birth
  7. Complete name as it shows up on your identification
  8. Email address

You should choose the electronic visa that best suits what is going on. Remember that there are various kinds of visas for India: traveler, clinical, and business eVisa.

Extra inquiries on the Indian visa application include:

  1. Religion
  2. Marital status

To present the Indian Visa Application Process effectively, you should pay the visa charge with your charge or Mastercard. You might utilize a charge or Visa. Make certain to give a substantial email address, as this is where your endorsed eVisa for India will be sent whenever it has been appropriately handled.

The Indian eVisa handling time can require 4 days. Explorers are encouraged to apply for their visa for India somewhere around 4 days before their normal date of takeoff. A few applications could take more time to process and to stay away from entanglements with the excursion, it is ideal to present the application structure something like 4 days prior to going to India.


While finishing the application, voyagers ought to likewise know that they will require extra proof necessities. On the off chance that you wish to visit India and apply for a visa, you should give an examined variety duplicate of the first (true to life) page of your ongoing identification and a new identification style variety photograph.


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