India visa requirements for tourists and business travelers

New India Tourist Visa Requirements

The first change is that 1-year tourist visas are no longer available. Applicants must choose between a 5-year multiple entry visa and a 10-year multiple entry visas. In addition, the interval between inspections should be at least 2 months. Passengers who want to re-enter India in less time will need special permission to do so.

When applying for a tourist India visa online, you must state the purpose of your trip very clearly. This visa is issued for travelers who plan to travel to India for entertainment, sightseeing, and visiting family or friends. If you enter India on a tourist visa, you will not be able to participate in business activities, find employment, or do research or academic studies.

Your current passport should have two blank visa pages, especially if these pages are back-to-back.

New India Business Visa Requirements

Like the tourist visa, one of the business visas has been discontinued. However, it is not a 1-year but a 10-year business visa that is no longer available. Business travelers can choose between a 1-year multi-entry visa and a 5-year multi-entry visa.

Additional requirements for a 5-year visa make it even more difficult. Applicants should not only inform the Indian Consulate about the date of their upcoming trip but also list their future trip date and planned business activities to justify the 5-year visa request. These dates must be listed in the Business Cover Letter and Invitation Letter.

Medical tourism information

The term India Medical visa was originally coined by a travel agency to describe the practice of traveling abroad for medical purposes. This was done to get the best and reasonable healthcare outside the country. The services that professional organizations usually provide include complex professional surgeries such as dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery, joint replacement (knee/hip), and many more.

You can contact the relevant hospitals in countries like India, Mexico, and Costa Rica directly through the website and the counselors of the respective medical centers. The patient must provide their medical report to the service provider with the patient’s nature, doctor’s opinion, diagnosis, and complete medical history.

Certified medical consultants and doctors advise them on the necessary treatment. The whole process of medical tourism involves discussing the estimated cost, choice of hospital, tourist center as well as the duration of their stay. Once the contract and consent bond is signed, the patient is recommended to obtain a medical visa.

The patient has to collect it from the concerned embassy. A case executive is always available to stay with the patient and for his treatment abroad. Health tourism is becoming more popular day by day for a few more reasons like long waiting lists and expensive treatment.

The Indian Consulate is becoming more rigid in its requirements and making it more difficult for applicants to obtain Indian business visas. An important change that business travelers need to be aware of is that both the business cover letter and the invitation letter for a 5-year visa must list the futureĀ  Since these changes are recent, it is still not clear exactly what you should be like when listing your future travel plans.

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