How to Use Testimonials to Your Advantage and Benifits


Credibility indicators are very helpful in pulling customers into conversion. Consumers want proof that what they are buying or using is indeed beneficial. They want to know that the company’s claims are indeed true and correct. They don’t want to hear or read just another product placement.

They want to hear the experiences and comments of actual people who have used the products or services being advertised athena conservatories They want to know that the product or service they intend to buy really works and not just another scam.

That is why text, video, and audio testimonials are some of the things that customers look for in a product or service website. They want to feel secure that what they are buying is worth their time and money. However, testimonials should not only be used to push the products. If people get to read only about how good the products are, they might become skeptical and see through the marketing plot.

Product or Service

Customers not only want to know if the product or service is good or reliable. They also want to know if the company itself is reliable. For example, if a company offers a money-back guarantee, has anyone claimed a guarantee? Does the company honor its guarantee? There are a lot of incentives that a company may offer. But the question is do they actually do the things they promise?

Same-day shipping, best price guarantee, good customer service testimonials and accreditations toll-free hotline- these are examples of the value propositions a company may offer. But what consumers want to know is that are all these for real?

There are various factors that make consumers hesitate in buying online. One, they don’t see an actual product. Second, they have to pay first before the merchandise will be delivered to them. Third, if they provide their credit card info,

they may be risking fraudulent charges. The list may go on, and unless the website has a way to address these circumstances, they may simply be losing potential buyers and subscribers.

Service Reviews

That’s why testimonials, product or service reviews, accreditations, or recommendations can improve the sales of your online business. Consumers are more confident buying from reliable companies that many speaks well of.

If your company indeed possesses the products and services they claim to have, then there’s no use in fabricating testimonials. One way to gather a collection of testimonials is by encouraging buyers to provide a comment about the product or service.

Aside from putting a testimonials and reviews page on your website, testimonials may be used in individual pages of the website, the ones a particular testimonial corresponds to, in order to remind and encourage consumers to take positive action.

However, a little transparency may also be called for. If a certain product or service has a certain limitation, it is better than the company address it on their product’s page as well. Consumers appreciate honesty. In fact, despite the fact that a consumer primarily wants to know what a product can really do, he is also curious about what a product can’t do. And if a company is honest and humble enough to include that in their website, consumers are likely to trust them better.


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