How to Spend Your Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with beaches and islands, a 3,260km long coastline, pristine natural beauty, mountains, numerous lakes, rivers, gushing cascades, green forests and enigmatic caves. The boundless stretch of white sandy beaches is alluring. The delectable cuisine of Vietnam is world-renowned. The land is filled with exotic marine life and tropical flora. Vietnam also invigorates the visitors, with sweet pine forests and many of Vietnam’s constituents are recipients of three World heritage site status awards thi công lăng mộ đá.

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a prominent tourist destination in Vietnam. The embalmed and preserved body of the father of the modern state and the liberator of the Vietnamese people, Ho Chi Minh is displayed in the Mausoleum. The body of the beloved leader of the Vietnamese is preserved in a glass case. Near this Mausoleum is the Ho Chi Minh Museum which displays the memorabilia of the leader which includes the military orders, correspondence, manifestos and photographs that depict the crucial role, he played in the history of Vietnam thiết kế lăng mộ đá .

Emperor Ly Thai Tong dreamt of the Buddhist Goddess of mercy and compassion, seated in a lotus flower, blessing him with a son. Shortly after this incident, he married and had a son. To celebrate this event, the one-pillar pagoda was built. This pagoda is visited by many who pray for well being and fertility and many vouch for the miracle that happens after the visit. The wooden structure resembles a lotus flower, which stands for enlightenment, according to the Buddhist belief. The One pillar pagoda is an interesting place to visit, in Vietnam.

Another famous attraction is the Halong Bay. The Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bay is replete with spectacular natural setting, limestone, grotto and caves. The Bay has over 3,000 small islands and many of the islands have names that describe their shapes. Dragon, Incense Burner and Man’s Head Islands are the names of a few islands. The Hang Dau Go is the popular cave, in the Bay.

The Royal Tombs are among the popular tourist attractions of Vietnam. To the South of Hue, eight beautiful royal tombs of Nguyen emperors are situated. They are located among the hills, on the banks of the famous Perfume River. Each Mausoleum was constructed, while the emperor was still alive, for afterlife. They are designed like complexes with paved courtyard and many buildings, which have mandarin statues and stone artefacts engraved with the details of the dead and the reign. The main temple is meant for the worship of the deceased.

For that complete Vietnamese experience, a trip on the boat, along the Perfume River is extremely essential. The stops, during the boat trip, bring the tourists closer to the people and the land. The tourists can visit all the major spots in the city, during the journey. The boat trip is sometimes accompanied with folk song performances and music that is captivating. Vietnam is a place, where the pages of history come alive through magnificent structures and historical monuments. This coupled with the scenic beauty of the landscape makes Vietnam a great vacation spot for people, all over the world.

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