How to Sell USDT in Turkey as a Foreigner

We are all aware of how popular cryptocurrency has become all over the world. Everyone wants to try trading cryptos such as Tether, Bitcoin, and more due to the various advantages this comes with. As we speak, Tether is the top stable coin on the market, and you can trade it everywhere, including when visiting Turkey. 

There are many reasons to sell USDT while in Turkey from the need for cash to have a great vacation or execute a business deal to enjoying the thriving crypto market in Turkey.

The only question is, do you understand how you can sell USDT in Turkey as a foreigner? If not, then you shouldn’t worry about a thing. We have you covered with expert tips on how to go about the process. 

Choose a Crypto Exchange

If you have been in the crypto world for a while, we are sure you understand a few ways to trade Tether and a few other cryptos. But as a foreigner, you might not be sure what cryptocurrency trading platforms to use when selling USDT in Turkey. You can sell USDT in Turkey using various platforms such as Nakitcoins, Binance, Coinspot, and Kraken. 

If, for instance, you decide to use Nakitcoins, you can safely, swiftly, easily, and privately purchase or sell USDT in Turkey in a few steps. If you also want to exchange Tether for other coins, then this platform also allows you to do so.

You can also decide to use Binance to sell USDT in Turkey as it is also among the largest trading websites. It comes with a lot of benefits as well. One is that the user can perform their transactions using 45 different currencies. It is very fast and secure.

Sell USDT in Turkey Using Turkish Stock Exchanges

Another reliable method to sell USDT in Turkey is by using a Turkish stock exchange. To provide high security, the stock exchange requires authentication when registering. If the user doesn’t authenticate, then the stock exchange will set some limits on you. Because of this, you might not be able to sell large amounts of USDT. Top Turkish stock exchanges include:

  • Paribu – If you are looking for a Turkish stock exchange with the highest transaction volume, then Paribu is just what you need. It is most popular among the youth, but anyone can use it despite age and nationality. Be sure that all your needs will be met when using Paribu.
  • BTC Turk – Despite the name, BTC Turk is a Turkish stock exchange that can be used for trading USDT in Turkey. You can also use it to trade any other cryptocurrencies that you want as a foreigner. It has very many users around the world and thus is a reliable stock exchange to depend on.

Follow the Right Procedure

The procedure also matters when you want to sell USDT in Turkey as a foreigner. If you follow the wrong one, you might end up having losses. Therefore, it is good to follow the right procedure during the sale, which involves:

  • Registration – Whether you have chosen a foreign exchange or a Turkish stock exchange, you will need to fill in credentials to open up an account with any of them. The credentials include email, phone number, and a created password.
  • Verification – To be allowed to sell USDT in Turkey, there will be a verification process where your credentials to create an account are approved. The verification process helps to improve the security of your account.


The cryptocurrency market changes from time to time. Because of this, you need to understand when to sell USDT in Turkey and when not to. You can simply follow the price chart of USDT, consider all the risks and lastly make your decision. 


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