How to Repair a Gas Furnace

What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace warms your house by using a natural gas energy source. It produces heat more quickly and at a relatively less price than electric ones. There are gas furnaces that generate heat by using liquefied petroleum as fuel.  

How Does a Gas Furnace Work?

The main component in any gas furnace is the thermostat. If your furnace is having a problem, the thermostat should be the first place to check. You should check that whether your thermostat is on and in heating mode or not?

Role of Thermostat:

When you turn your thermostat to heat and set the temperature above the current indoor temperature then the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to turn on. 

How to Repair a Gas Furnace?

Here are the ten most common problems in a gas furnace with their fixation. A gas furnace is a premier component of heating component and repair also a part of heating system repair

        1. Thermostat issues:

The thermostat is the most vital part of any furnace and most of the issues that arise in the furnace are due to this. The first thing to check in any thermostat is its batteries. It may need to change the batteries of the thermostat. Make sure to change the batteries at least once a year.

The other thing is the cleaning of the thermostat. Open it gently and blow away any dust or dirt clogged in it. It can cause problems at any time or reduce its performance. Ensure that the date and time are correct on programmable and electronic models.

Check the breaker and fuse for the furnace as well. 

       2. The Furnace is not Producing Heat:

There are many reasons behind this issue. To fix this issue make sure that the thermostat is set to heat. If it’s fine then try to move the dial-up or down up to a few degrees and analyze any noticeable difference.

If no results were detected then check if the circuit breaker or fuse was tripped.  

How to Test the Breaker?

Reach out to the breaker panel of your home and check the circuit which is controlling the furnace. Check to see if it’s thrown to the off position or in the middle. There are two ways to do this. 

  • Manually test it. Flip it back and forth 
  • Make sure that it stays in the on position

This will reset the breaker and if not, then there might be an issue either in the wiring or in the circuit breaker itself. 

       3. The Furnace is Unable to Produce Sufficient Heat:

Production of less heat of a furnace is different from being unable to work completely. Production of less heat might be due to entrapped dust and dirt in the air filter. So, make sure that it should be clean and in good condition.

Replace your furnace filters regularly because it’s an easy thing to do but goes a long way to protect your HVAC components and to improve the inside air quality. 

      4. Issues in the Safety Switch on the Furnace Door:

Problems in the safety switch on the furnace door can also stop the furnace from working. A safety switch is preventing the fan and burner from becoming on when the access panel is removed. Most furnaces have a safety switch that pops out when we remove the door.

For activation of the switch and successful operation of the furnace, the door needs to be placed in. 

      5. Cleaning of the Area Surrounding the Furnace:

It may seem to be an obvious one but many times homeowners with busy routine forgets to pay attention to this such as the basement. It can become cluttered which can make the area around the furnace full of miscellaneous possessions and debris.

Avoid the storage of any flammable substance near the furnace. It can lead to unexpected fires, significant damage to the home and can be dangerous for your family and pets. Clean and vacuum the area around the furnace regularly as possible. It helps to avoid many problems. 

      6. Check the Burner Flames:

Burner failures mostly happened due to contamination. Inspect them to make sure that they are debris-free. One way to check if your burner is clean or not is by looking at the flames. If the flames are blue and even then, the burner is clean.

A yellow flame is an indication of a dirty burner. While cleaning the burner with a vacuum cleaner make sure to turn off the power and gas supply first. Dust accumulation mostly happens during the summer. So, it’s important to check and clean the furnace before the start of winter. 

      7. Oiling the Furnace Blower:

Before the start of winter, your heating system must be working well. The main function of a furnace blower is to draw the heat from the furnace and disperse it in the whole house. The lubrication of a furnace blower can extend the life span of your furnace. 

      8. Checking the Limit Switch:

A low-quality limit switch can cause the blower of the furnace to run continuously which decreases the lifespan. If you’re suffering from that kind of issue then you should immediately replace the limit switch.

Changing the limit switch is one of the significant parts of a gas furnace repair

      9. Checking the Electric Ignition and Pilot Control:

There are gas furnaces that operate through a pilot light or have an electronic control. With these options, there is no requirement for a permanent flame. A malfunctioned ignition system can considerably diminish the capacity of a furnace to heat your home properly.

Any blockage or clogs in your heating system can result in the misfunctioning of the pilot light. 

      10. Problems in Heating or Rapid Cycling:

Such problems arise due to the rapid turning off and on of the furnace. A dirty or worn-out air filter can be a cause as well. So, if you haven’t replaced them recently, then replace them.

 If your issue doesn’t get sorted then there might be a serious issue. It can be an issue with the blower motor or belts. Both these issues need a professional to get solved.

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