How to Increase Corporate Event Attendance

If you’re hosting a corporate event, you may be wondering how to Increase Corporate Event Attendance. Here are some tips: Promote your event using social media, offer perks for early registration, create an interactive activation, and send personalized invitations. All of these strategies are guaranteed to increase the number of attendees.

Promote your event on social media

Social media is a powerful tool to promote corporate events. It not only helps you reach new people, it also strengthens your brand. Twitter, for example, is especially powerful as a real-time social media platform. It allows you to give play-by-play coverage of your event and engage with your guests in real-time.

Another way to get people interested in your event is to post pictures and videos of your attendees. Share fun pictures from previous events. This will encourage attendees to share their own pictures and videos. By using the #hashtag for the event, you can reach a wide audience.

Offer perks for early registration

One way to encourage early registration is to offer perks, such as early access to event sessions or VIP access. These perks may include a concierge desk, reserved seating at sessions, or early exhibit hall entry. They may also include access to exclusive lounges with coffee and water.

Promote your early bird registration by advertising in local holistic retailers and holistic venues. You can also market early bird benefits as VIP perks such as access to early entry, prime seating, or exclusive post-event Q&As. By rewarding attendees for attending your event, you can foster customer loyalty and build a revenue pipeline.

Early bird registration also Increase Meeting Attendance event buzz. It helps event planners plan the next event. It also lets them gauge how many people are likely to attend a certain event or launch a product, so they can adjust their marketing strategy accordingly. By tracking early bird registration totals, marketing managers can better predict the future attendance at upcoming events.

Create an interactive activation

Using an interactive activation at your corporate event can be a powerful way to drive attendance and engage attendees. Think of different ways to engage with your audience and ensure that they leave the event with a positive experience. An interactive activation that is highly immersive, for example, will ensure that people remember the event. An immersive experience will also help attendees focus on the brand messaging by imprinting the experience on their brains.

One way to increase event attendance is to create an experience that encourages a photo opportunity. This can be achieved through floral installations, hanging installations, or photo walls. These elements will help guests take photos and post them to social media. However, event planners should choose photo moments that make sense for the event they’re planning.

Event activations also give event sponsors valuable marketing opportunities. They can use activations to launch new services, or even rebrand an existing product. By attracting sponsors to an interactive activation, you can show them how their investment is making a difference. A recent example was a Frankfurt, Germany, event where participants gave ideas while suspended 50 feet in the air. Another great example of an interactive activation is using Virtual Reality technology to offer an immersive experience to attendees.

Send personal invitations

Sending personal invitations is a great way to generate interest in your corporate event and secure attendance. Guests who receive a personalized invitation are more likely to RSVP “yes.” This is especially true if you send them with a personal phone call or note. It can be a powerful strategy if your event is going to attract high-profile guests.

When sending personal invitations, remember to include a photo of the event hosts. Whether it’s a group photo or a headshot, the picture should contain the name of each host. It also helps to include a photo of the hosts having fun at the event.


When sending personal invitations via email, it’s important to remember to address the email to the recipient personally. This helps to ensure that your message is remembered by recipients. It’s also important to include the date, time, and duration of the event. It’s also important to avoid adding too many visuals, which can distract from the main idea. Also, include one strong call to action button in the email.


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