How To Find Truly Sustainable Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be complicated. With a number of boxes to check, sustainability and eco-friendliness are often forgotten. However, after oil production, the fashion industry is one of the biggest waste producers in the world. Thus, going green is incredibly important and opting for sustainable clothing and swimwear is one of the best ways forward.

Fortunately, many are realising the benefits and importance of sustainability, with more brands developing new and innovative ways to produce high quality products, while minimising their environmental impact. Here is some tips on how to find truly sustainable swimwear.

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainable swimwear often refers to the materials and fabrics that they are made out of. Traditionally, most swimwear today is made out of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. These materials are plastic and very difficult to recycle, inevitably creating lasting waste that has a detrimental impact on the environment around us. 

Sustainable swimwear makes use of natural and recycled textiles in the production process. As a result, materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill or the ocean are saved and transformed into high-quality, durable fabrics.

What Makes Sustainable Swimwear?

The importance of choosing sustainable clothing and swimwear is no more clear than ever before. However, with a variety of brands and styles available on the market today, it can be difficult to find options that are truly eco-friendly. 

Designed to satisfy the demand of changing trends and styles, many swimwear pieces in fast fashion outlets today are not built to last. Sustainable swimwear is the ideal alternative, as they use high quality materials while being good for the environment. As such sustainability consists of three main aspects:

Recycled or Natural Materials

 Most sustainable pieces today are made with natural materials such as hemp or regenerated fabrics such as ECONYL and REPREVE. These not only take less energy and resources to make, but they are recycled,  helping to reduce the waste that is created.

Ethical Production

Ethical production and sustainability go hand in hand. Most fast fashion brands today produce their products in bulk by workers in developing countries for very low wages. By outsourcing production to other countries, factories are able to produce clothing at a fraction of the cost. 

Brands that are sustainable do not employ such practices and manufacture their products with high standards, creating a better working environment for everyone involved.

Low-Waste Shipping and Distribution

Many companies go beyond sustainable swimwear and are committed to reducing the amount of waste they produce during packaging and shipping. As such, many sustainable brands focus on finding eco-friendly, compostable and recyclable packaging options. 

Choosing Sustainability With HoneyTrap

Are you looking for a truly sustainable swimwear brand? HoneyTrap offers premium swimwear that is not only eco-friendly, but high quality as well. By using the best recycled fabrics to create a stunning line of sustainable bikinis, that significantly reduces your environmental impact and increases the lifespan of your swimwear.

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