How to enhance your property vastu? Best Vastu consultant in India reveals the answer!

Check out 15 most useful tips for home vastu as shared by Vastu consultant in India.

  1. Place the main door in north or east side of the boundary, followed by south or west side. However, best Vastu consultant in India says that the main door must be placed on the right pada, regardless of the facing direction. Only then you can get the accurate benefits of it. 
  2. In general north east entrance is considered best and south west entrance is considered as worst as per vastu experts. 
  3. In case there is any second gate or back gate, closely pay attention to its positioning as well. Place that gate in the good padas too. 
  4. In case there are separate building gate, complex gate and apartment gate facing, consider the apartment facing primarily. 
  5. Try to get square or rectangular shaped vastu for best result, says Vastu consultant in India. Any sharp cut or extension in the vastu can result in many defects.  you must avoid irregular or round shaped vastu plots/buildings as well. 
  6. For best result, buy a plot that is on plain (having negligible to no slope). In case it is inclined, make sure its slope is towards north, east or north east. Avoid the ones that had the opposite inclinations.  
  7. Best Vastu consultant in India advises to place the kitchen or pantry in the south east or south of south east zones of the vastu, since it denotes fire zone. 
  8. Paint the kitchen in red or other shades of red family. Among them, light pink shade is considered as best for kitchen interior. Never use blue, grey or black shades for it. 
  9. Place the underground water tank in the north or east zones in the vastu. Likewise, place the overhead water tanks in the south, west or south west zones. Do not mix the zones under any circumstances, warns Vastu consultant in India.
  10. Never place the toilet or septic tank in the north east zone. They all trigger major vastu defect in home or office.  Their ideal zones are- east of south east, west of north west and south of south west.
  11. Place the temple in the north east zone for best result, since it is the zone of divinity. You can worship any and all deities in here. 
  12. Discard old, broken and chipped deity idols from the vastu. Avoid keeping huge idols or too many idols in the temple either. 
  13. Make sure the entrance of the vastu is kept clean and free of dirt and cluttering. Never stack broken, old furniture, shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door. 
  14. Consider keeping mirrors, indoor plants, vastu sea salt, elixer and other vastu items to channel positive energy in the vastu.
  15. Pay attention to the color of the vastu interiors. Use separate colors for separate sections of the home. Seek help from Best Vastu consultant in India for more details. 

To get complete vastu analysis of your home, contact best Vastu consultant in India at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Best Vastu consultant in India in India shares 15 most amazing tips to enhance your overall vastu of home. 

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