Guidelines For AC Servicing

Due to the pandemic, our home has turned into a battleground of not only those tedious household chores but also our office work. And to maintain productivity, it is important for us to work in a cosy and comfortable environment. And because we are constantly working in our home, our central air conditioner is also going through a similar level of stress as we are. Just so that we do not lose the comfort of our home, we need to make sure that our air conditioner is duly taken care of.


When to call for professional help

Continuous operation of the central air conditioner can give rise to various problems such as –

  1. Overworked compressor can causeinsufficient airflow and cooling which can further lead to problems like disproportionate temperatures in different parts of your room. It is important to keep your thermostat in a steady and effective temperature.
  2. Dirt clogged air filters can be the result of inadequate attention you provide to cleaning your system. Dirt prevents the free flow of air and can lead to poor engine performance. Air filters needs to be religiously cleaned in an interval of every two weeks to maintain steady operation.
  3. High level of moisture in the air indicates that your central air conditioner is not functioning properly.The cooling operation and dehumidification are different processes of your central air conditioner. In rainy season, the dehumidification provided by your air conditioner might not be enough.Your system might be in the need of a recalibration by the professionals or an external dehumidifier might be needed to do the job.
  4. Water leakage from your central air conditioner is not a good sign either. Water leakage indicates clogging in the condensate drain line. The first thing you need to do in order to protect your AC from further damage is turn off the thermostat and call for professional service providers. The cause of water leakage is several e.g., damaged condensate pump, broken drain pan, clogged air filter, leaking refrigerant etc.
  5. An unpleasant smell in the room while your air conditioner is on may be the sign of mould infestation in the air ducts of your AC. Moulds are formed due to warm temperature and moisture inside the ac. A regular servicing and duct cleaning might prevent such sort of things and make your air conditioner function smoothly.
  6. Weird sounds from your air conditioning system might mean that your air conditioner needs a check up. Different kind of sounds means different kind of issues. It is in our best interest that we call professional services and let them have a look at our AC and decipher what those weird sounds means. Old parts , broken parts oved-used engine is some of the common causes that may lead to unusual noises.


Reasons your central air conditioner needs a regular service

Long term use without servicing may lead to problems like unexpected and abrupt rise in your electricity bills but still getting insufficient cooling. A regular investment in servicing may prevent you from suddenly spending a lump sum amount for a major damage and increase the lifespan of your expensive machine. It helps to keep the air conditioner perform at its best and also saves your health by preventing you from breathing poor quality air. Nowadays our air conditioners not only inhibit dust and sooth from entering your home it also thwarts microbes and bacteria which is a very important feature considering the current conditions. Last but not the least, a regular service prevents your machine from emitting harmful gases in the environment and save the earth from global warming.







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