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Past Multibaggers Bajaj Finance gained 5000% in 10 Years

2023 Multibaggers

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MarIT Company with Zero-debt & 30% discount 52wh5% Peak
[Good to buy]!
FebUndervalued Textile Company with Strong Brand Building5% Peak
[Good to buy]!
JanGreen Sustainable Development Multibagger10% Peak
[Good to buy]!

5 Year Holding Period – Expected Portfolio Return 500%

2022 Multibaggers

DecSpeciatly Chemicals Manufactuer30% Peak [Holding]
NovLogistics Company20% Peak [Holding]
OctPolyfilms Manufacturer-30% [Holding]
SepEV Automobile Lights Manufacturer30% Peak [Holding]
AugBranded Paints Manufactuer80% Peak [Holding]
JulShip Building Manufactuer Proof120% Peak [Holding]
JunTiles Manufacturer-20% [Holding]
MayKitchen Sink Manufcaturer30% Peak [Holding]
AprCrop Chemical Manufcaturer20% Peak [Holding]
MarSolar Films Manufcaturer50% Peak [Holding]
FebPipes Manufcaturer-30% [Holding]
JanPetrochemicals company40% Peak [Holding]

Multibaggers are the only way to Create Wealth in Stock Market. No Trading. Warren Buffett says if you can find a Strong Brand with Growth Sector & Unique Economic Moat with Customers returning then it will grow 30% CAGR in price, once it crosses 1000 Crore Capitalization, Mutual Funds will come & soar another 10X value on PE making it overall 50X returns in 10 years – Example Bajaj Finance Multibagger of Futurecaps.

2021 Multibaggers

Dec3D Printing Company30% Peak [Holding]
NovSteel Pipes Manufacturer80% Peak [Holding]
OctSteel Manufacturer-20% [Partial Exit]
SepMetal Manufacturer40% Peak [Holding]
AugCement Manufacturer40% Peak [Holding]
JulShip Building Manufactuer Proof100% Peak [Holding]
Jun*** Insurance Sector Multibagger-20% [Holding]
MayHG Infra200% Peak [Holding]
AprJubilant Ingrevia150% Peak [Holding]
MarChemicals Manufacturer200% Peak [Holding]
FebLikhitha Infrastructure150% Peak [Holding]
JanPharma Company100% Peak [Holding]

Multibaggers are the only way to Create Wealth in Stock Market. No Trading. Warren Buffett says if you can find a Strong Brand with Growth Sector & Unique Economic Moat with Customers returning then it will grow 30% CAGR in price, once it crosses 1000 Crore Capitalization, Mutual Funds will come & soar another 10X value on PE making it overall 50X returns in 10 years – Example Bajaj Finance Multibagger of Futurecaps.

Paid Validation of Past Performance

2020 MultibaggersPeak Returns
SRG Housing Finance500% [Holding]
Tata Elxsi Proof1000% Peak [Holding]
Manappuram Finance100% [Holding]
IOL Chemicals300% [Holding]
Goldiam International500% [Holding]
Associated Alcohol200% [Holding]
Gujarat Ambuja Exports200% [Holding]
Thyrocare300% [Holding]
Sreeleathers100% [Holding]
*** Call Open60%
*** Call Open50%
*** Call Open50%

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2019 Multibaggers [Only 5 during time]Peak Returns
Caplin Point400% [Partial Exit]
Bhagaeria Industries200% [Holding]
Maithan Alloys250% [Holding]
Veto200% [Holding]
BCL Industries100% [Exit]


Past years are below.

  • 2010-2012 Top Performance given below through Old website
    • V-Guard 3000% Returns
    • Yes Bank 1000% Returns

bajaj finance futurecaps multibagger 2013 50 times returnsBajaj Finance was our FREE Multibagger during 2012 Link


Any multibagger requires 5 year holding period to allow the company to expand, grow sales, earn more profits & pay back the investor through capital gains. At the point above 1000 Crores mutual funds will be coming & investing in the stock pushing it to the Bluechip zone. Once a company is bluechip it will command higher valuation like PE 10X compared to peers.

For example, Bajaj Finance was discovered in a very early stage when the company was building its finance & insurance portfolios. At the time the company PE Ratio was just around 10. It demonstrated higher CAGR growth rate around 20-30% average. This resulted in the capitalization growth & visibility.

Today the PE Ratio of Bajaj Finance is 50 which is 5X compared to the 2012 levels. This is what PE Resizing for Bluechips. The people who invested during 2012 would have gained 50X returns by now.


Investing is Passive. You don’t have to monitor the prices daily, check the news Or shuffle the portfolios. Here your money is working for you. This is what Robert Kiyosaki is also saying – Allow your money to work for you. So once you Invest in a super multibagger & when you are sleeping your money is working for you. All the Celebrity Investors like Warren Buffet, Dolly Khanna, Ramesh Damani are Passive Investors.

No Celebrity Investors do Trading as Trading is like an Active Job which require constant monitoring, actions & tensions. If you are biased towards trading – Good – Now you can Quit it and gain 500% Returns every year – Key Information given to Subscribers. SUBSCRIBE

There are only 10 fundamental principles to learn as an Investor – then you are just mastering it over years. LEARN through our Master Mind Training where you will be spending 3-months (half hour per week) in learning the right ropes of stock market.

  • SECTOR SELECTION where you will focus on Identifying a Growth Sector like the EV, Solar of today.
  • STOCK SELECTION where you will select an Excellent growth pick from the sector.
  • STOCK EVALUATION where you will ensure the stock price is right & under-valued per professional evaluations
  • BUYING IN SIP where you will be continuously buying the same stock for multiple months
  • HOLDING PERIOD where you will hold 5-20 years on the same stock
  • SUPER RETURNS where you will be getting 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X 500X, 1000X kind of returns
  • BEAR MARKET HANDLING where you learn how to convert bear market problems to opportunities like Celebrities.
  • DIVIDEND INCOME where you will be gaining Passive Income equal to your investment amount as Financial Freedom.

Warning: So if you think stock market is about observation & learning – you are right & wrong. You ware right in the sense you will gain good knowledge – but you are wrong in the sense you will start following all fakes & amateurs there by loosing your time, money & confidence.

Our FREE Multibagger will give you a Glimpse of the same education in Master Mind Training.


Do you know Stock Market is created for Investing?

Yes. It was created for Long-term Investing.

Later many amateur investors started playing for short-term gains & the creators found it interesting way to create more income – then they gave Trading – Day Trading, Margin Trading, Futures & Options.

Trading is not entirely bad as it creates jobs, provides tips to advisors, commissions to brokers, taxes to government. In short it runs the economy. Trading is only bad for the Trader! If you have any doubt – you can read 1 hour & Save your 10 Thousand hours Read More


India Growth is the Fundamental aspect where we all are gaining multibagger returns from the stocks. How the India Growth is possible – is by equating to the Developed countries and calculating the growth gap. This gap is our bet for multibaggers.

India Growth story is expected to continue for next 10 years & more. So if you are an Investor you can leverage this growth by positioning in under-valued, super-growth multibaggers for long term investing.

If you are a Trader you are NOT leveraging this growth, but churning your time & health chasing the changes in price.

Investor chases growth! Trader chases price. What do you chase?


Value Investing is the technique used by Great Warren Buffett who is behind the Victory of all our 50X, 20X, 10X Multibaggers of the past. In Value Investing we will find the Intrinsic Value of the company through a step-by-step, historical financial statement analysis method. If the Intrinsic Value is greater than Current Price then it is a good investment to buy on.

You can read more about Intrinsic Value Calculator here

You can get FREE Multibagger here


Esteem money management is an important factor in the world of Investing. You should be your own CFO (Chief Financial Officer). As part of the Master Mind Training we will be teaching you the following aspects:

  • NET WORTH IDENTIFICATION where you will list down all your financial assets & liabilities
  • REGULAR AUDITING you will conduct quarterly & yearly audits using Futurecaps provided templates.
  • GROWTH IDENTIFICATION you will come to know what is your actual Net Worth Growth Rate. (30% is for Super Rich)
  • IDLE INVESTMENTS REDUCTION where you can identify & remove the investments slowing down your Net Worth.
  • CASH FLOW ALLOCATION where you consciously manage your monthly income, investments & expenses.
  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM where you will learn what is Financial Freedom 7 how to have your Passionate Life with Rs. 2 Lakh + monthly income.
  • FAMILY TRAINING where you & your family members are trained on how to be financially free for generations.

Mukesh Ambani & All Other Riches have Internal Special Training for their Kids on how to Manage Money & Let Money works for them. That is how they are leading in India for generations. But Ambani won’t teach – Only Futurecaps teaches!


Each investor wishes to possess multibaggers in their portfolio yet it’s anything but a simple undertaking to track down such stocks. Principally, there are three variables one necessities to see while exploring for these pearls. The presence of every one of the three is basic assuming that you are hoping to recognize long haul abundance makers in your portfolio.

For a stock to turn multibagger, the company has to consistently grow its earnings at a high rate and has to achieve the same without deteriorating its returns on capital employed. This is possible only if a company is working in a growth sector. The stocks listed below highlights few multibaggers that have consistently compounded their earnings at a very high ROCE.

The cash flow of a company is the most accurate yardstick to assess a company’s performance. The cash flow statement determines the ability of the company to grow its earnings in the future, understand its financing & leverage positions. If the company isn’t able to generate cash from operations, it will have to repeatedly tap markets to raise money either in the form of debt or equity capital to grow its business. For eg: a high debt company will have to pay high interest cost affecting its cash flow. This will inturn affect the company’s survival during a tough economic situation like that of covid. So go with good cash flow companies especially with low debts.

Multibagger companies, apart from compounding profits, also consistently compound their operating cash flows (cash profit – incremental working capital) enabling them to grow at a fast pace year after year through expansions. Companies that may perform well on the earnings and cash flow front but not on the growth (check growth rate) front may be in a stagnant phase of their existence and hence might not earn returns for investors. So we should avoid such companies with low Growth Rate.

Finally, we come to the point of thoughtful allocation of capital – as a lumpsum and ongoing basis. As we now know, wealth creation is all about long-term compounding of earnings and cash flows. Companies that pass the above two criteria tend to generate huge amounts of cash and capital but how a company allocates that cash becomes the key differentiation between a good company and a great multibagger stock like Infosys, HDFC and Bajaj Finance.

Given below are a few examples of companies that have prudently allocated capital and generated incremental ROCE.



Eicher Motors

Caplin Point

Bajaj Finance

Cera Sanitaryware

Multibagger stock of 2022, Stocks are said to be multibagger if they give cent percent or more returns in a short span of 1 year or less.
In IndiaMultibagger stocks have to be bought in bulk for the creation of wealth.

Value stocks india 2022, Value investing is an excellent investment strategy. It involves picking up stocks at a much lower price and staying invested over the long-term.


Infosys Investor who invested Rs. 1 Lakh during IPO is gaining Rs. 1 Lakh monthly dividend as of today. So this stock gave them the Wealth & Financial Freedom.

Back in the 1990s Infosys was listed as a dark-horse IPO stock competing with TCS. It proposes that assuming one had contributed 10,000 or repurchased almost 100 portions of Infosys in 1993, it would be worth over Rs 2 crore as on June 12.

The Infosys management has been liberal in conceding reward since its posting. It has offered 1:1 extra offers in 10 out of 11 years when it proclaimed a reward issue. These bonuses & splits gained massive wealth for the Investor not in the order of 100X but 1000X and more.

The CAGR growth rate of Infosys was above 30% which clocked the stock be a Biggest Wealth Creator in Indian stock amrket.

This is Power of Compunding!

This is Power of Investing!

This is Power of Sector Growth!

This is Power of India Growth!

This is Power of Knowledge!!


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