Features to look out for when purchasing a Pacwell pressure washer

All Car wash business requires proper and efficient equipment to clean vehicles.  The washer machine is good equipment for the car wash business as it saves on time when one decides to clean manually. This article focuses on the features to look out for before purchasing. 


The transport sector, both private and public, relies heavily on car washing machines. This sector had undergone a series of challenges in the recent past as the available washers were not entirely efficient.  The use of pressure washers has revolutionized this sector as it has helped combat the previous problem. As you decide to purchase a pressure washer, you should look out for these features;


The pressure found in these machines is relatively high. The high speed enables water to travel fast. With the force of kinetic energy, when it hits a dirty surface, it blasts out all dust, mud, grease and grime, leaving the surface sparkling clean. This washer is not prone to pressure surges that others experience.  The pressure washer is more accessible and is highly recommended in the car cleaning process.

Hose length

It’s essential to consider the hose length of the washer. The size of the hose determines the ease of cleaning in most cases. A person moves freely and comfortably and doesn’t need to carry and move the whole machine. Its length offers users an opportunity to navigate with ease, and through this, cleaning is more manageable as one reaches even the most inaccessible parts.

Engine size and power

On a pressure washer, it’s the engine that powers the pump. The more power the machine has, the greater the pump.  Washers have strong engines that pump and enable water to flow at high rates and pressure. If you plan to purchase a pressure washer, choose the one with a high specification considering your financial status, as the Pacwell pressure washer price in Kenya is somewhat high but worth it.


Those who buy the pressure machine either for domestic or business use should consider portability. The device is portable and gives a user ease while in operation. When cleaning a large vehicle, you can change the position and carry it from one end to another. 


Flow rate

High flow water rates make it possible for quick and fast cleaning. The amount of water flowing in each second will determine how fast or slow you’ll be done with the cleaning. The flow rate in these washers is high therefore helping to consume time since there is enough water at your demand and disposal.


The above discussed are the key features of the washer pressure machines. They are proven to be the most effective, efficient and reliable—demand and supply of the washers in the market increase tremendously. The product reviews and ratings are exemplary. They meet the needs of private owners and businesses effectively. And since they are good, they should be considered. For more about pressure washing machines, check  Pressure washer.

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