Fancy Booster

Fancy Booster

In today’s world could anyone fathom to live without a smartphone or a computer? My guess would be as good as everybody else’s. NO WAY. These devices primarily will offer a sense of security to any user. At arm’s length one could make calls, share information, receive emails, Calendar of reference giving years back or years in future details, notebook and etc. So much are the features and functions all of it are too numerous to mention here. 

As sure as sun rise by now almost the whole world is aware of the importance and value a smartphone. To protect such a device and maintain its working efficiency becomes one’s highest priority and interest. In simple terms one would be totally lost without it.

Fancy Booster for Android

Giving due consideration and attention Fancy Booster app with its simple and easy to use features is here to partner users of smartphones with its ability to protect and add value by keeping the device in good efficient working order. Here are those important and main functions of the Fancy Booster app. The speed of one’s smartphone in usage is a must to get about effectively and efficiently whilst engaging in its functions.

Increasing phone performance helps to play games like Race Master 3D. Most Android games stuck or does not run smoothly due to poor performance. Use this application to gain performance for such performance intensive apps and games.  

Fancy Booster by removing unused files created by running programs or during installation of apps referred as junk will boost up the storage capacity and with it maintain the speed in the smartphone as it should. Those dangerous viruses that ruin a smartphone are cleaned easily. With a simple one tap cleans up the looked forward to memory and storage space like it’s alternatives. For example, NOX cleaner, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner, etc.

The cache junk cleaner by cleaning those junk files will speed up the smartphone boosting the RAM efficiency needed for running programs and processes. In this clean-up process the memory power will be increased along with storage capacity. Being able to lock the app with a password guarantees security. Also, by network analysis it will detect the apps that creates most mobile traffic and hibernate those specific apps.

Notifications that are not important which one could find annoying could easily be removed with the clear notification bar. Keeping the battery life high is anybody’s wish. Fancy Booster’s ability to hibernate running apps will do just that. All these will help to keep the battery life high to the max. 

With its efficient virus removable ability will keep the device secure at all times by removing any virus and by its virus protection guard will prevent any virus intrusion. With the CPU Cooler the most optimum temperature on the components will be maintained. These features will make the Fancy Booster app so special by taking that load of worry away from the user on their smartphone’s safety and performance in one go.

Download Fancy Booster for Android

Fancy Booster available on all most all popular Android app stores like Aptoide, Play Store and AC Market. In order to download and receive future updates for this application, you have to use app store.

First download and install latest version of AC Market. Then use search to find and install this app. Use AC Market for PC if you want to install this app on Windows.

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