Factors to Consider When Purchasing Rain Gun Sprinkler in Kenya

Rain gun sprinklers are devices used in large irrigation as water distribution gadgets, to save time and energy. Gun sprinklers have effectively been applied in the agricultural sector to replace the old and tedious methods of waters distributions on the land. It is significant thatone understands these devices further than seeing them in the farms. For that reason, we have come up with an article to help understand the rain gun sprinklers and how they work. 

Modern day Irrigation by the use of rain gun sprinklers has significantly improved the agriculture sector. Part of the improvements is through the reduction of human labor and improving efficiency. Farmers are now capable of irrigating their crops and also spray them with great effect,in a short periodusing rain gun sprinklers. 

All gun sprinklers are not similar, and therefore creating the need to understand the gadgets.

Here are the important features to consider when purchasing the rain gun sprinklers;

1. Flexibility

A flexible sprinkler is one that is capable of been adjusted to the requirement of different stages of the crops under irrigation. As the crops grow to different stages and sizes, they bring different requirements and needs different irrigation methods. For that reason, it is wise to consider purchasing a sprinkler that cuts across all this growth changes. One should also buy a sprinkler that can be used under different plantations and different sizes to save the cost of purchasing many different sprinklers. 

2. Performance

Generally, the rain gun sprinklers’ performance is highly rated. The performance of the sprinklers may vary from one brand to another and from one type to the other. The better the sprinkler can perform, the more expensive it is, and the more effective it is on the irrigation.

3. Irrigation area radius

A rain gun sprinkler should be able to cover the entire radius of the land it’s intended for.Saving the inputs is guaranteed ifone purchases a sprinkler capable of covering a large irrigation radius for irrigation field. Buying many small sprinklers may end up being costly through the inputs and the sum of the purchase price. 

4. Corrosion resistance ability

The contact between irrigation devices and water tends to make them susceptible to rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion is a major factor that affects the durability of any such device. The wise move base on this consideration is purchasing corrosion and rust resistant sprinklers. The material used in the making of the sprinkler, whether rust-resistant or not, plays a major role in determining the price of rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya. 

5. Easeofinstallation

The ease of installing the sprinkler is a very significant factor to consider before deciding on the sprinkler to settle for. It would be unwise to take to your farm a machine that takes “forever” to set up. Other may even require a professional to set them up in your farm, which means, in case of any interference, you have to look for the professional again. 


The Rain gun sprinklers have different structuresand specifications that fit different users, farms and crops. The farmer should always consider the above explained factors before settling on their preferred sprinklers. At the end of the day, it’s the effectiveness of the device that matters. For more about water pumps, visit website.

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