Do service dogs have to be registered?

We all listen now and then that dogs are the man’s best friends, and history is full of their practical friendship examples. This canine-human relation reaches even further when it comes to service dogs who prove as a helping hand to people with some disabilities. In this field service, dogs prove that dogs are more than just pets for humans. They can help the blind people move, people with no legs or arms in moving, and carry things for them. They can detect the seizures and inform their owners before they can harm them. They can detect the blood sugar level, and the list goes on with the amazing services they offer.

In a nutshell, a service dog can help disabled people in moving and doing their day-to-day tasks.

Service dog:

According to Dog Walkers San Francisco “Service dogs are specially trained dogs to help people with disabilities. Their job is to help the blind, alert the deaf, protect people with seizures, prepare a wheelchair, and remind the disabled of the prescribed medication.”

These dogs fall under the category of working dogs instead of pets, and according to the ADA rules, these dogs need proper training to qualify as service dogs. They may or may not need to be registered as service dogs before they start offering their services to humanity.

Training requirements of a service dog:

The service dog training differentiates it from a normal pet. You can train your dog at home or professionally, but it’s a must for him to pass a test and register as a service dog. According to the international standards, the dogs should be trained for at least two years to be registered as service dog. And it should spend at least 30 hours in public to know how the dog behaves in distracting situations.

Test for a service dog:

The Public access test assesses its credibility as a service dog. The dog should not demand food, or it should not show any aggressive and destructive behavior during the trial. And also it should stay calm in public places. If your dog passes all these testimonials, it is good to go as a service dog.

Is it a must register the service dog?

According to the law, registering the service dogs is not mandatory, but it’s easier and avoids confusion in public places. And it helps you to demand your rights from businesses and landlords.

How to register a dog as a service dog?

You can do it by contacting the respected disability organizations, like the blind should ask for ‘seeing dog’ for the blind. And registration process is not much difficult. You can do it even online by entering your and your dog’s names, email addresses, and the type of your service dog, like whether it’s a “hearing or seeing” service dog.


Service dogs can act as the right hand for disabled people by helping them in their day-to-day tasks. However, a service dog doesn’t need to be registered as a service dog by law, but it is more beneficial to register a dog as a service dog. Before registering, the dog must be trained as a service dog, and it should pass the assessment test.



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