Different Types Of Mentors

Different Types Of Mentors

Mentoring is crucial for growth in your personal life as well as your career. By offering insight and knowledge-based on their own skills and experiences, mentors are able to help you develop new skills as well as guide you towards your goals.

While participating in a mentorship is important, choosing the right mentor is even more crucial, as different mentorships have different roles and serve different objectives. Whether you are looking to foster career growth, boost your self-confidence or improve your interpersonal relationships, there is an ideal mentor to help you. 

The Advisor

As the name explains, an adviser is a mentor who makes suggestions and provides guidance on what a mentee should do. This often stems from their own expertise and personal experience. While these relationships provide them with a new perspective, Advisers rarely fix their problems. 

The Protector

The protector is a mentor that provides a safe space for you to take risks. These are ideal for individuals in the midst of a big transition that may hold some risks. Here mentors will help prepare mentees for this change and help them grow by making sure they do not make mistakes that would be detrimental to their goal. 

The Developer

Similar to a coach, developers are a mentor who gives structure and direction to a mentee without a specific goal for improvement. These types of mentors provide guidance based on observations and help the mentee take steps towards overall growth and development. 

The Challenger

A challenger is a mentor who pushes mentees outside of their comfort zone. By always providing constructive criticism, mentees are given the opportunity to look at their situation critically to find new perspectives and insights.

The Clarifier

Independent individuals will benefit greatly from clarifier mentors. With their extended experience, these mentors are able to help fill the gaps in their mentee’s knowledge and skill set. 

The Affirmer

Affirmers are mentors who exhibit empathy and understanding. Rather than challenging their mentees affirmers listen to a mentees challenges and give support and guidance when needed. 

What Is Best For Me?

Deciding to find a mentor can be an exciting, yet daunting process filled with a host of questions. What do I need? What is best for me? Where do I start?

The key to finding a mentor is to first understand what your needs, aspirations and goals are as well as what you hope to learn and get out of the relationship. By identifying the gaps in your knowledge and performance, you are better able to understand the type of mentorship that will benefit you.

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