Different Kinds of Roof Installation

When it comes to Roof Installation Charleston area, there are several different types. Some of these are common on commercial buildings and larger ones, while others are unique to single-family homes. Regardless of the type of roof, this article will discuss some of the common types and how they are installed. It will also give you a good understanding of how each one is used, including some pros and cons. After reading this, you will be better able to make a wise decision on which type to install on your home.

Pitched roofs

There are different types of pitched Roof Installation Charleston SC Roofers company and each has a different design and function. The most basic type has one rafter and slopes in one direction. It is easy to construct and inexpensive to install. However, builders often strive for a steeper slope in order to achieve better drainage. This type of roof installation is commonly seen on structures like sheds, lean-tos, and cabins in the mountains.

Another type of pitched roof is a curved roof. These roofs have double slopes on the ends and meet at the center to form a lower-pitched roof. Curved roofs are ideal for larger homes or for homes with plans to add additional sections. However, curved roofs aren’t recommended in areas that receive heavy snowfall, as they cannot push the water off effectively. A curved roof is usually made of metal or asphalt shingles.

Combination roofs

Combination roofs combine two or more styles of roofing to give your home a unique look. This unique combination gives you the option to add visual contrast and curb appeal. Combination roofs have many advantages but also present several challenges. The biggest issue is the potential for leaking because of the unwarranted valleys that form at the junction of different roof styles. Additionally, the mismatched appearance of the roofs can be an eyesore.

These roof types are often used for modern homes. These roofs are aesthetically pleasing, use fewer materials, and require less maintenance. They can also be cheaper to build.


A fiberglass roof installation can be done as part of a new build or to replace a damaged roof. A fiberglass roof can also be applied to a building that has been in use for a long time. While fiberglass roof installation can be expensive, it is worth it in the long run. This type of roof can be very durable and is a great choice for small or medium-sized roofs. If you plan to use this type of roof, you should know some important tips to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

One of the benefits of fiberglass roofing is its resistance to fire and water. It is also lightweight and easy to install. Fiberglass roofing is also extremely durable and does not leak easily. Lastly, it can be installed over a previous roof, so you can save a lot of money on this type of roof.


If you’re planning on installing a slate roof on your home, you should make sure you hire a professional slate roof installation company. There are many factors that go into a proper installation. First of all, the right type and gauge of slate is necessary for the roof. Another important thing to consider is the flashing. If done incorrectly, the slate roof could be damaged and require extensive repair.

To prevent water penetration, slate roofs must be flashed to prevent leaks. Generally, you can install slate roof flashing around plumbing soil stacks, exhaust fans, furnace or water heater flue pipes, and electrical standpipes. This type of roofing requires the use of a flat flange which extends under the slate and is secured to the cylinder. In some cases, a raised metal eave flashing can be installed as well.


Wooden roof installation is the process of putting up a roof with wood shingles. The shingles must be installed parallel to the ridge of the roof and have a gap of five to six millimeters between them. This gap is necessary to compensate for the linear expansion of wood when wet. Without this gap, moisture will accumulate in the attic and damage the coating. To avoid this problem, the wood should be treated with flame retardants and antiseptics.

The first step in wooden roof installation is to prepare the wood. The timbers are harvested from a certain tree species and must be strong enough to support the roof. Then, the rafters are constructed by joining an upper row of logs. In addition, the hanging rafters are supported by the walls. In order to avoid any problems during the installation process, it is better to contact a specialized company. These companies offer various designs of wooden roofs and can also provide individualized solutions.


Before you hire a metal roof installation company, make sure to check reviews and ask for references. The internet is a great resource for finding reviews on metal roofing companies, and you can also ask for recommendations from friends, family members and neighbors. Make sure to ask them how the installer installed their metal roof and whether he followed the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

The first step in metal roof installation is covering the joists and rafters. This will provide a flat surface to attach the metal panels and underlayment. It is also a good idea to repair any damages to the structure of the roof before putting on a new metal roof.


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