Dental Bibs Models and Prices

Disposable dental bibs, also known as dental aprons are useful and protect the body against internal and external threats.

It is common in usage areas for it is practical and hygienic. Renasan Dental bibs care for patients in dental clinics and provide a hygienic environment for patients. In particular, dental bibs are preferred to prevent situations that may pose a risk to the patient in the dental process. While these products, offered for use with many options, are produced with retail and bulk purchase options, you can readily access various medical products by choosing our company.

Dental Bibs Models

These products, which have the feature to protect the patient against various risks, are offered for use with many color options. This product, which will allow patients to use it once, is offered for sale with affordable price options. Thanks to its light structure, it provides comfort to the patient.

In this way, the patient feels happier during the treatment period, and dental bibs have a crucial function in those processes. In addition, dental bibs have a protective feature against bacterial contamination. It also has different models and options. They are sterile and economical clothes used to prevent unwanted foreign materials from passing patients’ clothes.


Dental Bibs Features


  • There are 50 or 80 pieces in a roll.
  • Each Apron is perforated and easily separated.
  • Because it is laminated, it is liquid-proof. special
  • Specially designed for the neck binding. It is easily connected and, after being used, easily severed without having to solve, the patient is taken without moving.
  • You can readily and practically use it as a disposable adult patient.
  • Useful


It is functional as it protects the body against internal and external threats, and it is ordinary in usage areas because it is practical and hygienic.

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