Creating and Selling Your Premade Book Cover Designs

If you’re an eBook owner or author you must find the means to market your book to the general public. Perhaps the most significant element to market your eBook can be found in the eBook design of the cover. What is the reason I am saying that? I’ve observed a number of eBooks covers. I’ll discuss what I’ve discovered. The focus is on psychology. 

It is my current reading a book titled “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell and it’s very pertinent to eBook marketing generally and the eBook design in particular. The book’s premise and the supporting materials argue that we have the ability to take choices and make judgments at a subconscious level. These decisions are not only taken on the subconscious level, they happen instantaneously. We don’t understand what makes us dislike an item by simply looking at it. We don’t. The flip side of this is that we don’t understand what makes us like something but we do. If we’re asked to explain why we love or dislike something, we do not have a reason and we begin to make things out to justify our feelings.

It’s the same the same eBook design. Our aim is to design an eBook cover, or ecover that makes a quick judgment and an uplifting feeling for our prospective customers. We want that experience to be so positive that they feel compelled to purchase our eBook to satisfy that feeling. Indeed, that’s the aim of all marketing and billions upon billions are spent in order to make people feel that way. Advertisers know that if are able to create that experience for their customers, then they’ve almost achieved their goal.

So how do we make this eBook design that evokes these emotions? This is the multi-billion-dollar issue, isn’t it? Billions and billions of dollars have been spent on figuring the details. As an online marketer, you don’t have to create a new wheel. What is effective for the advertising industry can be a good fit for you as well. All you need is to be able analyze the actual process and duplicate it. Because 90% of transactions on the internet are impulse purchases, we have to be able generate the desire in our customers.

Making sense of the differences in an eBook style is just as simple to do as shopping at the mall. You will know what you like from watching it. To reproduce the eBook designs that give you an enjoyable experience, you must be a buyer. Research your competitors in your niche. Visit their websites. Do you like their eBook design? Or not? It’s as simple as that. When you have found several that, you like and that create an emotion of happiness in you, keep them. Save them to your computer, then begin to analyze them. What do they share in common? Are they the colors images, graphics or photographs? What are the things you find yourself drawn to? You might want to go check this website DigiartBookCover, they offer custom and premade book cover designs.

When you’ve been able to cut an eBook design into its various parts, you can begin making your own eBook design by following the same procedure. Select the appropriate colors and images and you’ll have your own eBook cover that stimulates the buying urges of your readers that it’s as getting candy from a child. The remainder of the sales page will provide material to support their rational mind.

The psychology behind sales is everything. If you are able to create positive emotions in your prospective client, you’ll always be successful in securing the deal. If they’re attracted by your product, all you need to do is confirm the attraction. They will be able to sell themselves if you provide them the opportunity to sell it.


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