Complete Guide! How to Turn a Greeting Card into a Box

Holiday season not only brings love, happiness, and care but also a little bit of stress to find the perfect present and then a perfect paper to wrap those up…

Wait…  what did is you just say?

Who wraps gifts in papers anymore, when there are astonishing and mind-blowing gift card boxes that can fulfill all your needs. These boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. They are strong and sturdy in the most stylish and attractive manner.

The time is right to get you out of the struggle of finding a perfect packaging for your presents. It is not as hard as you think if you love to craft. Not a pro, but even if you have cut out a butterfly out of paper or ever created an airplane once in your life, you are good to go.

The world has become so digital and advanced that we do not have enough time to sit and appreciate people we love. How about creating some amazing gift boxes at home using all the old greeting cards that serve no purpose and need to be cleaned after every few months?

Have you ever thought how drastically the world has changed, had someone ever thought of giving gift cards and coupons as a present?  It is because the sizes do not matter when it comes to presents that are given out of love. The change is inevitable and just like the change in products, packaging needs also change. In the past, packaging was done to offer containment to the product but now it has to effective enough to grab the attention of the customers, market and advertise the product, reinforcement, and promotion.

Custom gift card boxes are popular and are effective in fulfilling all the packaging needs but not just customization. DIYs are also effective in creating impressive card boxes with the use of old greeting cards that have different patterns and attractive outlook.

Greeting card to a box!

Gather all those cards lying around the house for a long time to create unique packaging for your products.


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cards
  • Double-sided tape
  • Journal embellishment


Gift cards need proper fitting and mostly all of the cards have standard sizes and shapes that fulfill your needs.

  1. Take an old greeting card and lay it flat on the surface.
  2. Cut your desired measurements from that piece of card.
  3. Mark an X on the card joining two corners of the card.
  4. Fold the smaller corners towards the center meeting where the X cut each other.
  5. Fold other corners the same way meeting at X.
  6. Make another fold of sides that face each other joining the edge to the center of the paper. This is the longer side of the box.
  7. Open the paper flat
  8. You will get a creased grid
  9. The most inner creased rectangular will be the bottom of your box.
  10. Take a pencil and mark dots on the four corners of the inner square.
  11. Facing the smaller corner toward you, draw lines from the dots towards the outer edges of the paper.
  12. Cut these lines.
  13. Fold the left and right corners of the paper towards the center of the paper.
  14. Fold other un-cut longer sides of the paper to make small walls.
  15. With the walls standing, fold the other ends to make perpendicular walls.
  16. Folding all the flat sections inside, double tape to secure the box.

This is the bottom of the box. To create a lid, take the measurements ¼ inch bigger than the previous box.

There are a lot of variations that you can do while creating a box such as;

  • Making a lid covering the whole box
  • Making cut out in the lid and lining with a plastic tinted sheet to make it more appealing.
  • Adding different adornments on the boxes such as ribbons, buttons, tags, custom stickers, and handwritten messages, etc.


To make a quickie gift card box holder, take a ready-made template online and get your prints. Cut the templates and crease according to the lines that are marked. Fold and glue, voila!

DIYs never get old. It is all about being creative and innovative with your designs. The benefit is that you can create seasonal and themed boxes such as Christmas gift card boxes.  The game is all about being creative and think out of the box to get the most outstanding card boxes for your friends and family that will be remembered for a longer time.

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