Commercial VS Industrial Electricians: What’s the Difference?

Tradesmen – tradesmen everywhere! The tradie industry is booming, and nowadays, there are specialists for almost any kind of electrical work. Residents in Queensland can simply search online and a list of local electricians can be found – but what about those in the commercial or industrial industries?

Fortunately, many companies now offer commercial and industrial electrical services, separately. These titles don’t explain very much to the uninformed: what’s the difference between a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician, and which one should you call to help your business? 

Find out below! 

What is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians (or “commercial and industrial electricians”) can fix most electrical issues with commercial buildings. These services include everything from repairing wiring to installing equipment, panels, and devices throughout the building. They are responsible for troubleshooting complex issues, such as non-working equipment or emergencies such as faulty electricity or bad wiring.

What is an Industrial Electrician?

Industrial electricians work exclusively with anything that requires cables – no circuit boards here! This includes machinery, motors, pumps and engines. They’re your go-to people if you need a heavy-duty solution to fixing faulty or outdated equipment in your factory, warehouse or workspace. 

The installation of these appliances and systems often requires extensive knowledge about those items – this means some industrial electricians may be more specialised in particular fields, such as plumbing or machine fixing.

When to Call a Commercial Electrician and When To Call an Industrial Electrician

Now you know what’s what: when should you call a commercial electrician and when should you call an industrial electrician?

If you’re located in the city of Brisbane, the Gold Coast or on the Sunshine Coast, then it can be difficult to tell them apart! In this case, your best option is to hire one company which provides both services. This will ensure that your issues are handled by professionals who have experience with both worlds – if not, there might be trouble ahead for your business!

On the other hand, if there’s really no need for an industrial electrician in your commercial space, then you can save some money by using a company that specialises in the commercial industry.

When is it Worth Hiring a Professional? 

If you’re not sure if your problem requires a professional, call a tradie anyway! A case of the nerves could be nothing to worry about – or it might turn out that there’s a bigger problem than what you’d expect for just a simple fix. Either way, it’ll be better to have an expert take care of whatever electrical issue you have so you don’t get any nasty shocks! 

Why Hire a Professional Electrician for Your Business? 

In short, hiring a professional electrician will ensure that your business is fully compliant with Queensland industrial health and safety regulations. This means you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding accidents to yourself or your employees! You’ll also reduce the risk of being fined by regulatory bodies, such as Worksafe.

Work with IGOC’s Trained Commercial & Industrial Electricians 

IGOC has a team of experienced and trade-certified commercial and industrial electricians with a combined 150 years in the industry. They offer commercial and industrial electrical solutions to businesses across a series of locations in Australia, and their electricians specialise in electrical installations, repair, and maintenance work.

IGOC’s electricians have the necessary experience and skill to provide your business with the quality service it deserves. Contact them today to make IGOC your commercial or industrial electrician of choice!

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