Combination Weigher – The Future of Precise and Efficient Product Weighing

Weighing is an integral step of the packaging process, especially for products requiring high accuracy and rapid speeds. Combination weigher-also referred to as multi-head weigher or radial scales-make this task more efficient without sacrificing either accuracy or speed.


Accuracy is essential when it comes to product weighing, so selecting the correct equipment is essential. In the food industry, for instance, accuracy is especially essential as each item needs to be packaged accurately according to weight and amount.

Selecting the ideal combination of components when calculating combinations can improve accuracy and faster weighing speeds without compromising capacity. This is especially true for products that are granular, such as dried fruit, confectionery or cereals.

To achieve this, you need to select a load cell that is rated for the weighing range of your system. A load cell is an oversized piece of machined metal that bends when weighed and converts mechanical force into an electrical signal.


Combination weigher (also referred to as multi-head weighers or radial scales) are common equipment in several industries due to their ease of use and ability to make packaging processes more efficient without compromising accuracy or speed.

These machines precisely drop a predetermined weight of product into various types of packaging with multiple heads at once, offering an invaluable advantage to any production line looking for speedy and precise control.

Standard multi-head weighers feature between 10 and 24 heads. As the product is fed into each of these chambers, each measure and then drops the best combination to reach your targeted weight.


When selecting a multihead weigher to add to your production line, it’s essential that it is compatible with your specific manufacturing processes. Doing this will guarantee that the machine processes products correctly and adheres to standards set by you, leading to improved efficiency and productivity levels.

Another factor to consider is the manufacturer’s history and packaging expertise. A multiheadweigher from an experienced company will offer better value for money, since they know how best to integrate with existing processes and collaborate on developing new ones.

If you’re thinking of adding a multiheadweigher to your production line, it’s wise to search for eco-friendly options. Doing so can help achieve your business’ goal of reducing its carbon footprint and meet green targets and environmental regulations.


Maintaining your weigher regularly can improve accuracy, cut down on maintenance expenses and extend its life. Furthermore, this helps avoid unexpected downtime or repair expenses.

To maintain accurate weigh cells, it is essential to regularly clean the main vibration plate, line vibration plate, storage hopper and weighing star bucket. Furthermore, filter out dirt and dust from the dust filter by wiping down its exterior surfaces.

In certain cases, you can even replace the dust filter to prevent it from becoming dirty and clogged with particles, improving hygiene and efficiency on your line.

In addition to daily upkeep, you should also conduct routine function tests. Doing so will help maintain product weighing accuracy and extend the service life of your multihead combination scale.


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