Can Dutch citizens move to Canada?


It isn’t required for Dutch residents to apply for a visa to visit Canada. This is on the grounds that the Netherlands is one of the 50 visa-excluded nations whose residents can enter Canada simply by introducing their identifications at the line to acquire section.

Estimated time of arrival in Canada for Dutch Citizens

CANADA VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS The Electronic Travel Authorization (or eTA) was sent off by the Canadian experts in 2015 as a manner to survey unfamiliar explorers all the more effectively before they entered the country.

It isn’t required for Dutch residents to apply for a visa to visit Canada. This is on the grounds that the Netherlands is one of the 50 visa-excluded nations whose residents can enter Canada simply by introducing their international IDs at the line to acquire passage.


The eTA Canada application structure can be filled in from the candidate’s home or office which eliminates the requirement for in-person visits.

CANADA VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS To be qualified for the eTA, candidates need to meet all the eTA necessities for Dutch Citizens. One of these prerequisites is that they have an electronic visa that is machine-intelligible.

All Dutch travel papers given lately are machine-intelligible. Nonetheless, Dutch residents who are worried about this ought to check their international IDs are electronic prior to applying for the eTA.

The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization is expected for guests who are going to Canada for the reasons:

  1. The travel industry (short stays)
  2. Business, (for example, work trips)
  3. Traveling (through Canada to another objective)
  4. Clinical treatment (present moment)


Voyagers should enter Canada through the air terminal for the eTA to be legitimate. Those crossing the line via land or showing up on voyage ships don’t meet all requirements for an ETA and ought to check in the event that they need a visa notwithstanding their ID and travel records.

There are a few different necessities fundamental to applying for the Canada eTA.

All candidates should have:

  1. A Dutch visa is substantial for something like a half year from the date of movement.
  2. A substantial credit or check card to pay the expense.
  3. An ongoing email address to get the eTA.

One more of the eTA prerequisites for Dutch Citizens is that double nationals should apply for their eTA utilizing similar identification they expect to go with. The justification for this is that the eTA is connected to the visa number utilized in the application.

Canada Visa For Portuguese Citizens

CANADA VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS, In any case, you can apply for ETA for business, the travel industry, clinical, or travel purposes. What’s more, just a conventional Portuguese identification holder can apply for ETA. On the off chance that you have some other reason for visit or one more kind of identification then you should apply for a standard Canada visa for Portuguese residents.

Things to Remember prior to Applying for a Canadian Visa.

Albeit a Canadian visa for Dutch residents and Portuguese residents is not difficult to apply for, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind prior to applying for a CANADA VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS to keep away from any issues.

  1. Gather all your data and reports before you apply for a Canadian visa.
  2. You can apply for a Canadian visa for Portuguese residents and Dutch residents only each in turn. For instance, assuming you’re applying for three relatives, you’ll need to apply for 3 individually.
  3. In the event that you don’t get mail, you ought to actually take a look at the garbage/spam envelope.


You’re fortunate to visit Canada since Portugal goes under the visa waiver program Canada which implies you don’t need to get a normal Canada visa for Portuguese residents. You can apply for Canada ETA through their authority site.


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