Best Security System Provider in the Middle East and Africa


CARDLINE is a trusted security system provider that has specialized in physical security, biometric technology, and identity solutions since 2010. They supply, install, and support durable and genuine security systems that help secure premises with RFID technology. Looking to buy durable ID card printers from top brands like Entrust, HID Fargo, Heidi, and Swiftpro in Dubai, the Middle East, and Africa? Find all the information you need to make the best purchase decision here.

Identity and Security Systems

Secure physical access control systems can protect your organization from unauthorized access, theft, and identity breaches. Automatic access grants, deny access, and access cards can enhance your security measures. Physical security elements, such as CCTV surveillance, security guards, and protective barriers, play a crucial role in protecting your premises. The various stages of a physical security system include identification, allowing access, denying access, and locking and unlocking doors. Learn about the latest advancements in identification for physical access control, including biometric technology, RFID, and NFC cards. Discover how card numbers, physical characteristics like fingerprints, and facial recognition are used in these systems.


RFID technology allows for identifying and tracking people and objects through tags and cards read by devices. The reader communicates with these tags and cards. Implementing an RFID access control system with key cards can enhance security by using RFID technology to verify credentials for residents, visitors, employees, and any authorized individuals.


Biometric identification provides ease and accuracy using physical characteristics like fingerprints, iris scans, facial recognition, and palm prints. This technology is used for access control, attendance tracking, and national ID solutions.


Physical identification, such as card printers, biometric systems, and RFID technology, is crucial in access control for secure premises. Cardline is a top provider of ID security systems in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and Africa.


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