Benefits of Renting a Penthouse in Malta

There are many benefits of renting a penthouse in Malta. Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean, and the rental market has reached record highs. However, housing affordability is still an issue. One solution to this problem is using a flat-sharing website, such as Flatmate. These websites match people with available penthouses and those in need of a flatshare. Whether you’re renting a one-bedroom penthouse in the city center, or you’re looking for an apartment in the suburbs, Malta has something for you.


The most popular kind of real estate investment in Malta is a penthouse. This type of property is usually located on the top floor of a multi-story building and is set back from the outside walls to provide additional privacy and spectacular views. There are several types of penthouses in Malta, and you can choose a luxury penthouse according to your requirements and budget. Here are some of the most prominent types of penthouses.

Sliema is another popular location for luxury homes penthouses for rent in Malta. A new luxury penthouse that has everything you could want is now available in Sliema. This property is fully equipped and overlooks the promenade and one of the most beautiful bays in the country. It also has a spacious 11-square-meter terrace and is part of the world-class Depiro Point complex. It’s also well-connected to all major public transport routes and is 7 km from Valletta.


Penthouses vary widely in size, shape, and finish. They are located in small apartment blocks as well as high rises. The main difference between them is the level of luxury they offer. There are three main types of penthouses: duplex, townhouse, and single-story. Single-story penthouses usually have smaller square footage than duplexes or townhouses.

A studio or one-bedroom apartment in Zebbug will cost you around 500 EUR per month. These apartments were once a garage and have a quaint little rear garden. Despite being a budget option, these apartments are surprisingly spacious and feature air conditioning and an elevator. Other popular apartments include three-bedroom penthouses in Mellieha, with a brutal view of the mountains and the island.

Cost of cooling

There are many different ways to reduce the costs of cooling while renting a penthouse in Malta. Most people find fans are enough to keep them comfortable. If you’d prefer air conditioning, you can rent an AC unit, which costs about 1 euro per hour. It’s important to be sure to understand what is included in the cost, as there are many factors that determine the final amount. Listed below are some tips for keeping the apartment at a comfortable temperature while renting.

Aside from being quiet and private, penthouses also command great views. They are also often connected to private roof decks, which can double as a fun party area for friends. And because they’re higher up, penthouses also have a lower heating bill. The warmth that passes through the apartments below will naturally reach the penthouse. You won’t have to worry about paying extra on heating bills if you rent a penthouse in Malta.

Cost of heating

While the cost of living in Malta is relatively low, some areas are more expensive than others. For example, a typical two-bedroom apartment in Sannat will set you back around 350 euros per month, while the same apartment in Qala will cost you more than half that amount. Utility costs are constant, too. The cost of electricity and water is always 100 euros per month, regardless of the number of people living on the property. The difference between the residential and domestic tariffs is the difference in price. To determine which tariff is applicable for your particular circumstances, look at the top right-hand corner of your bill, where utility prices are broken down into categories.

Although the energy provider in Malta manages the energy supply, there are some other costs that renters must bear. For instance, heating and cooling can cost as much as $500 per month, which is why the rent of a penthouse in Malta is so high. In Malta, renters pay for the cost of utilities as well as incidental costs like street cleaning and sewer fees. In addition to electricity, residents must also pay for air conditioning and external electric heaters. Malta’s energy provider handles water and electricity billing as a monopoly, so it is easy to understand why the bill is so high.

Transport options

Traveling in and around Malta by public transport is surprisingly cheap, with a one-way ticket costing EUR1.5 – nearly half the cost of a trip in the UK. To avoid spending too much on your taxi, consider renting a car instead. Not only can you plan your trip around your payment schedule, but you can also access hidden areas. Self-catering apartments, for example, may need a car to transport your groceries and kitchen items.


Considering the cost of renting a penthouse in Malta, it’s worth considering transportation options as well. Malta is easily accessible from major European and North African cities, and most carriers offer daily direct flights. Whether you want a quiet, family-friendly environment or a lively nightlife scene, Malta has a great mix of lifestyle options and housing prices to suit all tastes. Whether you choose to live in a city center or a rural setting, the island’s excellent public transport means that you won’t have to miss out on any tourist attractions or activities.


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