Bedroom in East of north East zone? vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends how to use this properly. 

vastu consultant in Kolkata says that sleeping vastu depends largely upon the bedroom vastu itself. 

You might be familiar with the fact that everything of the house has a right place for its placement, whether it is a bed, study table, kitchen oven, dustbin or electric appliances. 

Bed can be placed in any of the cardinal directions (north, East, South and west) for best result. 

A North zonal bedroom gives new opportunities. A South zonal bedroom offers good sleep, name and fame. A west zonal bedroom offers profit and gain, while an East zonal bedroom offers powerful social contacts for its residents. 

But does bedroom vastu flourishes if it is placed in East of North east zone? Let’s learn the answer from vastu consultant in Kolkata

The ENE is the zone of fun and recreation in vastu. If you spend Adequate time in here, it will add elements of fun and recreation for you. 

This is considered as most suitable for living room. However bedroom placement in this zone is permissible as well. 

But you must allocate this bedroom to couples. In fact this bedroom is most compatible for new couples as it will encourage them to share their likes and dislikes etc to help them connect more with each other. 

Can everyone sleep in the East of North East zonal bedroom? 

Even though bed in the ENE zone is associated with positivity overall, but it is not most suitable for everyone in the family. 

Students and children should refrain from using this bedroom. If they sleep here for long time, it will bend their mind towards seeking fun related activities instead of education. 

As a result it will severely hamper their educational background and can poorly affect their loves ahead. 

So, all in all the bedroom in the zone of East if North East is overall positive  but you must follow certain guidelines for it to be on the safer side. 

Irrespective of bedroom placement zone, these are some additional guidelines that you must follow in order to get the best possible benefits from it. 

For more information on bedroom vastu contact the leading vastu consultant in Kolkata from Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- let us see what guidelines vastu consultant in Kolkata offer for a bedroom in the east of North East zone of the vastu


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