All things about Tower Cranes

The construction industry is a sector that makes up a large part of the economy of many countries. Businesses operating in this sector need a set of equipment and machinery to realize various projects. Business and construction machinery. One of the most important and indispensable equipment among these equipment is tower cranes. Tower cranes are powerful machines that are used effectively in the construction of tall buildings, material handling and assembly. Construction companies can use tower cranes in two ways. The first is by purchasing tower cranes or by renting tower cranes.

Tower crane for sale; If the construction companies’ projects are long, have the necessary financial strength and will be a continuous construction project, it is the most logical method to purchase tower cranes. Because, instead of the money to be given to rent, it is possible to make a profit in the long term by buying it. They can easily make these purchases with different payment methods.

Tower crane rental; If companies do not want to buy tower cranes, they can also choose a rental method. At first, they can rent a tower crane that they will use with monthly or annual payments without incurring the investment cost. Insurance, tower crane operator salary and maintenance fees related to the rented crane belong to the lessor company.

Tower crane prices: The prices of tower cranes vary according to the crane year, lifting capacity, working radius, boom length and foot type. Today, new tower crane prices range from 150,000 Euros to 500,000 Euros. The prices of rented tower cranes also vary according to these features. On average, a crane rental in 2023 varies between 150,000 TL and 250,000 TL per month.

Tower cranes are indispensable assistants of the construction industry. You can use tower cranes both by purchasing and renting. With tower cranes for sale, you can use this equipment for many years in different projects. Rental tower cranes also use this equipment throughout the duration of your construction. When you’re done, you can deliver it to the rental company. Both have advantages and disadvantages over each other.


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