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From time of remembrance people all over the whole world have been in love with audio and video. Audio to listen to their favourite programmes in music, news, sports, or such likes and Video to watch movies, sporting events etc. The entertainment industry in which the audio and video is synonymous with falls within the top industries in the world both in financial gains and popularity ratings. 

The easiest way to prove this point is to ask people if they are using audio and video devices. The outcome would surely be that the majority do have access to audio and video. It is not wrong to say audio and video has become part of one’s life. Due to its popularity and the mass demand many audio and video apps can be found out there. However, the Ace Stream Media app with all its advance technology and easy to use features stands out from the rest. And Here’s why it is.

Best Android TV Multimedia App

The P2P technology ensures that the interaction will be limited to the buyer and seller with no third-party involvement. This would mean so much of reliability and after sales attention for the app right along. Playback on both audio and video allows the user to do so at one’s own cool time. Thus, the user been able to relax and enjoy its playback to the max.

See the audio and video files range on offer by Ace Stream Media – MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV and AAC. Mind boggling isn’t it? And as if this isn’t enough playbacks could be done on network streams as HTTP(S), RTMP, FTP, BIT TORRENT, ACE STREAM etc. To make downloading simple the relevant codes are included. This saves one time and inconvenience of separate downloading. 

One would agree here that nothing is held back but Ace Stream Media is simply offering the choicest of selections to all its valued customers. With the media library for the audio and video files browsing can be done directly to the folders. Multi-channel audio is supported by subtitles, teletext and closed captions making way for its usage by one and all alike even if one is 

differently able or even to just watch your favourite foreign content. Auto rotate and aspect ratio adjustments are supported. Volume and brightness can be adjusted with the search mode to been incorporated. 

With all these amazing features in the Ace Stream Media app no wonder it stands out from the rest. You can now enjoy the best of what entertainment has to offer and spend your leisure time in a quality and productive way with Ace Stream Media. With its due stamp indeed being “SIMPLY THE BEST!”

Download ACE Media Player for TV

You can easily download and install this media player application on your Android TV and Fire TV devices using Play Store TV and Amazon App Store. However, due to limitations some devices won’t get this application. In such cases, you can use third party Android TV app store like AppLinked or FileSynced.

There are two ways of installing apps using FileSynced. One is searching a store that has this application. Next is create your own store and upload ACE Stream APK and install. There are many such applications like FileSynced. For example, UnLinked. UnLinked is also offer custom file store creation like AppLinked.

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