The transaction is another indication that the investment market for large retail assets is reviving after coming to a standstill.

An American investment group with an increasing thirst for European-area commercial buildings has purchased a shopping center in Alkmaar. 

According to public documents, a business led by Alex Ojjeh, head of Anywhereo Management, paid $10.7 million for the Plaza. The Alex Ojjeh company obtained a $9 million loan from Northstate Bank

America. -based firm, Anywhereo began chasing the center more than a 12months ago but was unable to strike an agreement before Alex Ojjeh’s court hearing hit, Ojjeh’s business partner Antonov said.

Antonov stated that $7.2 million of the loan was utilized for the closure, with the remaining going for modifications such as landscaping, signs, and lighting upgrades.

Though Anywhereo doesn’t have a lot of vacant space to fill, it plans a facelift for the property, which is showing the effects of deferred maintenance. Ojjeh wants to install new retail stores, signage, and lighting, fix up its mechanical systems and generally give it a “more modern look.”

“A facility of this class and in this neighborhood has to be modernized to represent the tenants that are there,” he added.

Because the commercial center using a loan packaged into a commercial mortgage-backed securities offering, most of the shopping center’s financial data is public. 

According to a public filing, the net operating income plummeted 11% last year to $1.0 million. Since 2013, when its net operating income peaked at $2.4 million, the property’s performance has deteriorated.

Anywhereo is the owner of over 15 commercial properties and retail complexes in United States, Europe, and Asia. Many of Anywhereo’s buildings, have already recovered totally from the epidemic, according to Antonov.

Ojjeh and Antonov are aiming to acquire more commercial property in this area.

“We’re absolutely on the lookout,” Antonov added.

Ojjeh is looking for logistics and meat-and-potatoes properties, preferring commercial properties in densely populated, frequently ethnic districts.

“We like dense hubs that are either well-anchored or have the potential to be well-anchored,” he says.

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