7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Guests

You are expecting guests but you’re feeling some trepidation about hosting them in your home. You want to provide them the most welcoming and relaxing experience but you aren’t sure how best to go about that.

This guide will help get your home guest ready in minimal time.

1. A Sweet Smelling Aroma

Noone wants to be greeted with a stinky smell and you don’t want to be remembered by one either. 

It can be hard for those of us who live in our home every day to make a true assessment of the smell in the air.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to take the initiative and make sure your home smells nice.

You can always use a spray air refresher or plug in but there are plenty of natural ways to make your home smell nice, too. Here is a list of nine

It’s important to also remember not to overdo it. You don’t want your home to smell too powerful, no matter how nice the smell. 

2. Change the Bedding

Speaking of sweet aromas, there is nothing more relaxing and inviting than a set of freshly washed sheets and bedding. 

When you put on fresh linens, you not only make the houseguest feel clean, but you can even provide them with a better night’s rest.

If they are staying for an extended period of time, it is helpful to have an extra set of sheets available in their bedroom to change when they feel inclined to. 

3. Prepare the Bathroom

When guests arrive, whether they have been driving for hours or on a long plane ride, they will be more than ready to freshen up. 

The bathroom should be prepared for all their toiletry needs. First and foremost, fresh towels, hand towels, and facecloths should be easily within reach.

Hand Soap dispensers should be full and clean. It’s also nice to provide some new shampoo and conditioner and bodywash.

A deep cleaning is also in order, especially around the toilet and bathtub. 

4. Give Them Their Own Space

It can be uncomfortable to stay in someone else’s home because you don’t feel like you belong.

As the host, you can help to alleviate some of these feelings by giving them some space in your home. 

For example, providing them with some empty drawers in the guest bedroom will allow them to empty their suitcases and feel more at home. 

You can also give them a space in your entry closet for their coats and shoes. 

4. Provide for Early Risers

Everyone has their own schedule and some of your guests may be used to waking up before you do.

To anticipate their needs, you can prepare a makeshift continental breakfast the night before. You should have a variety of fruits, muffins, and pastries ready for them when they wake.

You should also consider coffee. Whether you instruct your guests the night they arrive how to make their own coffee or have it set on a timer about an hour before you wake up, just in case. 

5. Stock the Fridge

While we may be willing to forego the everyday food conveniences on a regular basis, a good host will always be prepared in the kitchen.

A well stocked fridge should have several choices for beverages and snacks that can be easily served. 

6. Make the Porch Inviting

When your guests want to get some fresh outdoor air, they should have a pleasant spot to do it. Your back porch is the perfect spot. 

Of course, they won’t want to if your porch isn’t inviting.

You should provide a nice seating area with hanging lights and a nice view.

For more ideas, check out Nue Glow’s article on the subject. 

7. Offer Some Entertainment

Part of welcoming guests into your home is ensuring they have things to stay occupied.

You can be sure to show them how to use all the electronics in the house, set out some board games and deck of cards, provide the WIFI password and even offer to take them to some of the tourist attractions in your area.


It is always a privilege to have a guest in your home but if you don’t prepare your home for these guests, the chances of them coming back are slim.

If you follow these seven tips, your guests will most surely enjoy their stay and look forward to the day they can return. 


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