It can be really hard to find Netflix shows that are really good and can make you invested in the storyline. Especially since there are so many shows that it becomes hard to choose what to watch and which shows are actually worth your time. Well, no need to worry, we have curated a list of 5 must-watch Netflix shows that you should not miss out on here!

1. Johnny Test Reboot (2021-)

Johnny is a brave young boy who loves adventure and science. He becomes a guinea pig for his two sisters who conduct numerous scientific experiments on him. This animated show originally aired on Cartoon Network in 2005, but made a comeback through Netflix in 2021. Johnny Test Reboot was aired on July 16, 2021 and has already gotten a lot of positive feedback for bringing nostalgic happy memories back to life. As per The Next Hint’s report, johnny test reboot’s season 7 will be updated on Netflix before 2021 ends.

2. Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Schitt’s Creek is a small town owned by Johnny Rose. When Johnny Rose goes bankrupt and loses all his assets, the only place he and his family can go to is Schitt’s Creek. This hilarious and heart-warming show tells the story of the Rose family adjusting to life in a small town and learning to live like common people. The bonds they form will leave you crying tears of joy. Schitt’s Creek is a really amazing show and it is the kind of show that will comfort you whenever you need!

3. Bojack Horseman (2014-2020)

This dark, adult comedy revolves around a humanoid horse that used to be an infamous actor but lost all his fame in time. The story depicts many aspects of adulthood and how Bojack gets his life back on track and learns more about friendships and relationships around him. It is a must-watch for any adult struggling with their life and need something to relate to and find inspiration in. It became one of the most popular animated shows over time and is loved by millions of people across the world.

4. Sex Education (2019-)

Sex Education is a coming of age story of teenagers navigating their way through life and learning about various aspects of relationships, friendships, and sex. The story revolves around Otis, a teenager who accidentally becomes a sex therapist and forms new bonds, while helping his classmates with their problems. It is one of the most loved coming of age series on Netflix. It is making a grand comeback on Netflix with its third season which will be aired in September.

5. The Midnight Gospel (2020)

The Midnight Gospel is a fantasy fiction story about a celestial being called Clancy that travels to different Earths and talks about his interactions and adventures on his radio show that is called “The Midnight Gospel”. It may seem like a children’s show, but it has depicted many important topics in a very easy-to-understand and interesting way that will leave you in awe!

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These are all the shows on Netflix that you absolutely should not miss out on. We hope you find them as intriguing and enjoyable as many other people have!

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