5 Best Social Commerce Platforms For Brands To Drive Sales & Social Proof

Social Commerce

With over 4.33 billion people registered on social media channels, spending an average of 3 hours daily makes the social media platforms ‘bullseye’ for brands and marketers.

Seeing such fondness for social media, many businesses shifted their marketing approach towards these channels, building an empire to promote and reach their brand with the target audience worldwide.

Now that most internet users spend their time exploring and engaging with the social media channels, recently big marketing brains have launched the concept of social commerce where brands and customers buy and sell products on the platform.

Many brands and businesses want to leverage the power of social commerce to boost their sales and revenue.

But not everyone is aware of what are the best social commerce platforms that they can use to grow their brand.

In 2021, brands are capitalizing on social media with over 500 billion dollars; in the next 5 years, it will grow to more than 3500 billion dollars.

If you are a brand that wants to expand online sales with the boon of social commerce, here are the 5 best social commerce platforms that you can leverage to boost your brand.

Let’s start with,


5 Best Social Commerce Platform To Leverage Online Sales


More than 1 billion users are on the Instagram platform, and they are continuously growing exponentially. This makes it a perfect and lucrative platform to use to promote brands and business.

Instagram offers the best way to share visuals that attract the audience better than other social media platforms. Moreover, with the recent updates in Instagram for businesses, it has become one of the best tools to promote and sell products.

Now you can add the catalog of your products with the Insta Shop, make your post or UGC into the Shoppable Instagram post through which your followers and customers easily buy the products.

This way, you can make sales with the power of social proof, which gives your audience a better idea of the product that leads to an informed purchase decision.



Started in 2004, Facebook is the first social media platform that introduced the concept of social commerce back in 2007 when brands and marketing are creating their accounts on the social media channels.

With the largest audience from diverse locations, demographics, interests, etc. Facebook provides a wide scope to brands and businesses to reach their target audiences.

Facebook also Facebook Shop helps small businesses to set up their online shop free of cost. With Facebook Shop, small businesses or zero-budget businesses that don’t have a website can also create their shop, add products in the catalog, and start selling on social media channels.

This requires no budget, you can tag the product in the image, and you can also collect the UGC to sell your product with social proof. You can allow your customers to buy products directly from the posts without redirecting them to any website.



Another social media platform supporting social commerce and has a large number of visitors on their platform is Pinterest.

To make their platform social commerce friendly, Pinterest introduced Pinterest Buyable Pins with which users can buy the same product as they see in the picture. Pinterest has the power of great visuals, which attracts the users instantly and fascinates them to buy a similar product.

Pinterest receives around 500 million active users every month from different parts of the world; this makes it the best place for brands to generate sales using the power of social proof.


Taggbox Commerce

You might only think that social commerce is only performed on social media platforms, but this is not true. Social Commerce is the marketing concept that includes selling products with the power of social media.

You can harness the power of social commerce platforms on marketing touchpoints like websites, emails, digital ad campaigns, etc., where you find your customers interacting with your brand.

With Taggbox Commerce, you can create Social Media Shoppable Galleries by collecting social media posts or UGC, then add product description and CTA to it. You can add this Shoppable Gallery on your website, which will enhance the social proof and increase the conversion rate as people buy products that others are talking about.

Taggbox Commerce allows brands to create Shoppable Social Media Feeds to add to their website, enhancing website visibility and social proof directly on the website.



Last but not least, YouTube is the largest video search engine platform globally, where people spend millions of hours everywhere.

Yet, YouTube is not the go-to social commerce platform for brands, but it will probably be the biggest platform as people spend lots of time on YouTube in the coming times.

YouTube allows brands to run ads and digital campaigns; now, it also provides products with the link product page link.

This increases the sales as brands are retargeting their audience engaging on the YouTube channel.

Brands can also sell the product according to the video. This way, people get the product used in the video and that is related to the video.


Wrapping Up!

We have reached the blog’s conclusion, where we come to know about five amazing social commerce platforms that every brand should try.

Without any further ado, you can start building your social commerce strategy to expand your business sales as well as social proof.


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